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Fresh start for Wales

In her first blog, Wales women's rugby prop Jenny Davies gives us the background to the management team behind her side in the season ahead. The front row international made her debut for Wales against Spain in 2003 and was part of the Wales World Cup campaign last year.

By Jenny Davis

After the Womens World Cup we have experienced a variety of changes, just as other national teams around the world have. Several players have retired or decided to take a gap year from international rugby.

Our head and backs coaches also have moved on to develop their professional careers further in other avenues and we wish them all the best of luck in whatever they are doing.

Therefore it is time to rebuild a new squad and family for the next four year. This began with a new management team. So meet the management!

Manager Miss Sophie Bennett, what can I say? This young lady keeps the squad on their toes and makes sure that we are organised and ready to go. But dont let the angelic look fool you as there is a tiger inside waiting to pounce.

Head Coach - Our new head coach is Kris de Scossa who brings a wealth of experience and passion to us. Kris was at the Womens World Cup but coached the Canadian team who were ranked higher than us. Kris is a BFG at present but I am sure there is a monster within, so we better watch out.

Backs Coach Rhys Edwards is our backs coach who is a youthful man who has come through the UWIC set up. Rhys is very encouraging and ensures that we are all up to the necessary speed.

Forwards Coach We still have our Welsh legend leading the pack. Liza Burgess also known as Bird, brings passion, commitment and fire to the squad.

Fitness Coach Well we all need a little eye candy but unfortunately we dont get it with our lovely Ryan. This man is in charge of our fitness and nutrition. Ry is the man who brings the banter to the table and doesnt play the sympathy violin. Man up is his mantra!

Analysis Watch out Gethins about! There is nowhere to hide when Gethins got his camera out so you better make sure that you are doing what you are told.

Physio Dal Lucas torture of pain. What more can we say dont be fooled by the sweetness!

Media Save the best till last. Gillespie Gillespie (GG) is in charge of our media and he always puts a smile on our faces.

So thats our management team and we enjoy their company dearly. We wouldnt dream of going anywhere without them, especially Miss Bennett when there is a bill to pay!!

Re-building the new squad

At present we have a very young squad with the majority of them being under the age of 25. This brings some youthfulness, enjoyment and banter to the long hard sessions. We are currently on our first leg of our four year journey where we are very excited and enthusiastic to what is to come.

The 6 Nations is nearly upon us and as a team there are a mixture of feelings such as competitiveness, enjoyment, fun, eager to succeed but there are also some nerves but positive ones amongst the youngsters. At present there is an open playing field for selection and many of the youngsters are giving the more experienced players a run for their money, which is good. This then pushes all individuals to raise their bar, which is essential if we as a squad want to compete with the best.

The squad is looking to the future and our goals at present are to gel as a team and to consistently perform to a high standard. We need to minimise our errors as individuals and as a team, as we make things hard on ourselves.