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Scrumqueens ranked #1 on Twitter

UK based influence analysis platform Lissted has ranked @scrumqueens as the most influential Twitter user in women’s rugby, writes Ali Donnelly

Lissted ranks users based on the relevance of their Twitter relationships and interactions rather than the number of their followers, and last month the platform applied its algorithm to the top women’s rugby related Twitter accounts in the world.

The data included over 500,000 follower relationships and tens of thousands of retweets, replies and mentions by these accounts and after crunching the numbers, Lissted came up with the top 100 influencers in the women’s rugby community with @scrumqueens coming out on top.

Commenting on how Lissted’s approach differs to other influencer tools such as Klout, founder Adam Parker says, “Most tools focus on who produces content and conversations on a topic. This places too much emphasis on who’s noisy, and noise doesn’t always equal influence. It’s a lot harder to get a relevant and influential Twitter user to follow you, than it is to generate tweets on a topic. If you’re someone who has a fairly modest Twitter following, but those followers include the key influencers in your field – and, even better, they’re replying to and sharing your content – that implies you’re far more influential than your follower number alone would indicate.”

So what does this tell us?

Firstly it tells us that British players and organisations have a significant reach on Twitter and are likely connecting with a wide range of stakeholders in the game.

Take the top 10 most influential individuals for example. Ex England player Maggie Alphonsi is top of the list and that shouldn’t be a surprise given her growing media profile and likely connections to highly influential names and organisations in rugby.

As the author of this piece, I was somewhat surprised to be listed second but then Lissted highlighted that my relatively small following of 3,200 includes over half of the top 100 influencers including Irish Rugby, Maggie Alphonsi,  USA Rugby and  Rugby World Magazine.

The leading organisations beneath @scrumqueens are mainly governing bodies, clubs and ex and current players though there are also some journalists on the list. Again English clubs and organisations fare well and the other women’s rugby specific accounts include American site YSC Rugby which is ranked 9th overall.

One thing we can tell you is that if you have a message you want to get out to a wider women’s rugby audience, then you could hardly do better than speak to us!.

So, the question you all want to know then – who’s top of the charts?

Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Women's Rugby (excluding individuals)

1.       Scrumqueens 
2.       World Rugby Sevens
3.       England Rugby
4.       World Rugby
5.       Aussie 7s
6.       Irish Rugby
7.       Atlanta Sevens
8.       Rugby Canada
9.       YSC 
10.    USA Rugby

Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Women's Rugby – individuals

1.       Maggie Alphonsi (Ex England Player and current media commentator)
2.       Alison Donnelly (Founder of Scrumqueens)
3.       Rachael Burford (England player)
4.       Sue Day (Ex England Player and current media commentator)
5.       Danielle Waterman (England player)
6.       Natasha 'Mo' Hunt (England player)
7.       Jen Kish (Canada player)
8.       Emily Scarratt (England player)
9.       Niamh Briggs (Ireland player)
10.   Nick Heath (Media commentator)

The top 100 Influencers in Women's Rugby (organisations and individuals)

1.       Scrumqueens
2.       World Rugby Sevens
3.       England Rugby
4.       World Rugby
5.       Aussie 7s
6.       Irish Rugby
7.       Maggie Alphonsi
8.       Alison Donnelly
9.       Atlanta Sevens
10.   RugbyCanada
11.   YSC #WRugby
12.   USA Rugby
13.   Rachael Burford
14.   Welsh Rugby Union
15.   Sue Day
16.   Rugby World
17.   Scottish Rugby
18.   NZ7s
19.   Danielle Waterman
20.   Natasha 'Mo' Hunt
21.   Jen kish
22.   Saracens Women
23.   Qantas Wallabies
24.   USA Sevens Rugby
25.   UR7s
26.   Emily Scarratt
27.   Bristol Ladies Rugby
28.   Niamh Briggs
29.   Nick Heath
30.   Claire Purdy
31.   WRU Women
32.   Rugby Union Russia
33.   W Premiership Rugby
34.   Women Eagles
35.   Sky Sports Rugby
36.   Katy Mclean
37.   Fiona Coghlan
38.   USAWomens7s
39.   Sara Orchard
40.   RBS 6 Nations
41.   Sportsinternational
42.   Heather fisher
43.   Catherine Spencer
44.   Sarah Hunter
45.   Paul Morgan
46.   Graham Smith
47.   FF Rugby
48.   Lynne Cantwell
49.   John Birch
50.   Wasps Ladies
51.   Marlie Packer
52.   Talking Rugby Union
53.   Kat Merchant
54.   Non Evans MBE
55.   Claire Allan
56.   Women's Sport Trust
57.   Sophie Hemming
58.   Espana Rugby
59.   Richmond Rugby
60.   Jo Watmore
61.   Ben Ryan Fiji 7s
62.   Alice Richardson PT
63.   Shannon Parry
64.   Rugby World Cup
65.   Sharni Williams
66.   Rio 2016
67.   Barbara Mervin
68.   Fran Matthews
69.   Nigel Melville
70.   Nigel  Owens
71.   Fiji Rugby
72.   John Tait
73.   Amy Turner
74.   Sarah Goss
75.   Emma Croker
76.   Kayla Moleschi
77.   Tamara Taylor
78.   #RugbyWomen
79.   Summer Social LDN
80.   Stephanie Johnston
81.   Mike Friday
82.   ESPN Scrum
83.   Kay Wilson
84.   Karen Paquin
85.   Worcester Ladies RFC
86.   Ghislaine Landry
87.   Italrugby
88.   Nomads Womens Rugby
89.   Charlotte Caslick
90.   Amber Reed
91.   Anna Richards
92.   michaela staniford
93.   Ashley Steacy
94.   Bianca Farella
95.   susie appleby
96.   All Blacks
97.   Mandy Marchak
98.   Emily Ryall
99.   Julia Hutton
100. Alex Matthew