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Uganda, Singapore and Japan rise in rankings

Although they failed to qualify in their respective World Cup qualifiers, the performances of Uganda and Kenya - and to a slightly lesser extent Japan - have been recognised in ScrumQueen's September Women's Test Rankings.

September's test rugby was confined to the World Cup qualifiers in Asia and Africa. In both cases the highest ranked sides - Kazakhstan and South Africa - qualified as expected, but their on-field performances were not sufficient to improve their actual ranking (in fact South Africa actually drop a point). Both remain in the same positions - 15th and 10th respectively - with points scores almost unchanged.

Uganda, on the other hand, are rewarded for their performance against South Africa - a side that started almost 3,000 ranking points (calculated by this method) and 17 places ahead - with 164 points, moving them up three places to 24th.

Similarly Singapore's win over Hong Kong jumps them up three places to 23rd place - now just one place behind their great Asian rivals.

Japan's great performance in Almaty is also rewarded with a rise of two places to 19th.

No test matches are planned for October, but November will see Canada, the Czech Republic, England, France and Switzerland in test action with the chance for Canada to continue their rise up the rankings, while France could overtake England in second place, especially if they were to repeat their Twickenham win from earlier this year.

1 New Zealand4669
2 England4635
3 France4451
4 United States4342
5 Canada4241
6 Ireland4202
7 Wales4025
8 Italy3970
9 Spain3948
10 South Africa3849
11 Scotland3837
12 Australia3500
13 Sweden2982
14 Netherlands2944
15 Kazakhstan2681
16 Samoa2501
17 Russia2074
18 Germany1968
22 Hong Kong1240
28 Kenya884
29 Romania826
30 Trinidad & Tobago820
31 Fiji718
32 Cayman697
33 Thailand684
34 Uzbekistan680
35 Denmark644
36 Jamaica606
37 Tonga541
  Caribbean Select631
38 Philippines525
39 Luxembourg501
40 Malaysia488
41 Laos467
42 Guyana449
43 Brasil408
44 Serbia362
45 Rwanda356
46 Barbados304
47 Czech Republic303
48 Bosnia & Herzegovina.265
49 Austria251
50 Colombia203
51 Zambia186
52 Bahamas182
53 Croatia170
54 St Vincent & Grenadines136
55 Portugal128
56 Kyrgyzstan127
57 Burundi125
58 Venezuela108
59 Cambodia88
60 Hungary83
61 Papua New Guinea69
62 Zimbabwe58
Data ©  Serge PIQUET August 2013