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Belgian Lionesses roar against the Germans

Venue: Kituro RC, Schaerbeek, Belgium
Referee: Unknown

The match between Belgium and a Germany XV on March 9 2013, saw the Belgian Lionesses achieve a victory (by Jo Wilkinson)

On 17 March 2012, the Women's National Team of Belgium had moved to Offenbach to face the German team. Germany won 21-14. The return test match was held on 9 March 2013, on the grounds of Kituro RC, Schaerbeek, Belgium. The Lionesses, coached by Denis Duchau and Pascal
Lawinski, were eager to take their revenge at home.

With the rugby theatre set, the Germans did not intend to be just stage props ... but it was the Belgians who immediately started playing the leading roles. Captain Cathy De Geyter and teammates put up an impressivev performance with a proven success of a 51-0 win! The Belgian Women can now celebrate their third victory of the season after winning against Haylesford in Kent / Maidstone (15-31) in September and Team France Militaire (13-14) in Versailles in February.

The next scheduled fixture will see the Lionesses face Switzerland in a test match at
Colvray stadium in Nyon, Switzerland on 13 April 2013.

Photos of the match:

Belgium: 51

Tries: Lalli ‘4, ’40 ;Pien ’20 ; Blondiau ’26; D’Haeseleir ’43 – HT -
Van Hoovels ’14; Lalli ’36; Blondiau ’40

Conv : D’Haeseleir ’21, ’41, ’44 – HT – D’Haeseleir ’40

Pen. : D’Haeseleir, ’14

Germany : 0

Selected Squad for Belgium:

1. Marie Clarys-Robion (Dendermonde)

2. Nele Van Hoovels (Leuven)

3. Lotte Beckers (Dendermonde)

4. Ingrid Knippels (Leuven)

5. Yet Ceulemans (Antwerp)

6. Carmen De Donder (Dendermonde)

7. Esther Beeckman (Dendermonde)

8. Cathy De Geyter (Boitsfort)

9. Gaëlle Portier (Coq Mosan)

10. Charo Reper (Dendermonde)

11. Aude Risselin (Boitsfort)

12. Mélissa Schneider (Coq Mosan)

13. Systke D’Haeseleir (Dendermonde)

14. Nele Pien (Dendermonde)

15. Margaux Lalli (Frameries)

16. Laura Fortemps (Coq Mosan)

17. Silke Vandamme (Dendermonde)

18. Christelle Monty (Boitsfort)

19. Alison Lenaerts (ROC Ottignies)

20. Noémie De Bondt (Soignies)

21. Cécile Blondiau (Soignies)

22. Florence Van Den Broucke (Leuven),

23. Delphine Rossignol (Boitsfort)

Staff: Denis Duchau (coach), Pascal Lawinski (coach), Monique
Petitjean (manager)

With thanks to Bruno from Sportkipik and Ken from the Brussels Barbarians