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The 60 second interview: Charlotte Barras

What do you really know about the world's leading women's players? Very little? Well neither do we. So in a bid to redress the balance we've introduced the 60-second interview, where top players answer our questions in our bid to get to know them just that little bit better. First upThis week it's England's fullback Charlotte Barras, who tells us where her nickname 'Beanie' comes from and who reveals a love and a loath of top comedians!

Name: Charlotte Barras.

Country :England

Caps: 42

Position: Full back/wing

Age: 27

Occupation: PE teacher

Do you play any other sports? Hockey

What celebrity would you invite to your birthday party? Alan Carr

Who is the last celebrity you'd invite? Micheal Mcintyre!

If you could have any TV box set, what programme would it be? Jam and Jerusalam

You would do 10 laps to avoid .... Checking my bank balance!

What car do you drive? Mini Cooper

Any nicknames and why. At university I was nicknamed "beanie" for my bean pole stature.

One website you always check.

What's your signature dish if cooking? Mashed potatoes

What other sports teams do you follow? Northampton Saints

Song you would listen to before a match: Numb by Linkin Park

An interesting fact about yourself: My star sign is Aquarius

If you could change one rugby rule what would it be? Nothing, I love rugby!

Best rugby moment? Playing with an awesome England Sevens team

And the worst? Losing out in the quarter-final to Australia in the World Cup Sevens