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The 60 second interview: Sarah Ulmer

What do you really know about the world's leading women's players? Very little? Well neither do we. So in a bid to redress the balance we've introduced the 60-second interview, where top players answer our questions in our bid to get to know them just that little bit better. First up it's Canada's Sarah Ulmer who lets slip that she supports England's Cricket team and tells us the household chore that she would run 10 laps to avoid doing.

Name :Sarah Ulmer

Country: Canada

Caps: 27

Position: Centre


Occupation: Physiotherapist

Do you play any other sports? Not anything organised, who has time?

What celebrity would you invite to your birthday party? I don't really follow celebrities, so I actually have no thoughts on this...

Which sporting figure do you most admire from outside of rugby?' Tie :Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps - both heroes

You would do 10 laps to avoid doing? I hate vacuuming

What car do you drive? VW Golf

Any nicknames and why. Ulmer- self explanatory, and Alma as the Brits can't say Ulmer

One website you always check. My email account

What's your signature dish if cooking? BBQ steak, baked potatoe and either salad or steamed veg

What other sports teams do you follow? Saskatchewan Rough Riders- Canadian Football, Manchester United and though I'll get some stick for admitting this- Cricket-England. I alsolove the Olympics and can't wait for 2010 in Vancouver: GO CANADA!!!

Song you would listen to before a match: I've got a feeling, Black Eyed Peas

An interesting fact about yourself: I'm not that interesting unfortunately...

If you could change one rugby rule what would it be? Matching numbers in the lineout, I thought that was a ELV and was surprised it didn't stick, Its a silly free kick to give up.

Best rugby moment? The first time I made the World Cup team for Canada, that phone call was amazing

And the worst? Losing to England in the semi final of the 2006 World Cup, we were so close but couldn't finish it. It was so disheartening with the what ifs...