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African Sevens draw announced

The draw for what could be the largest CAR African sevens championship since 2009 has been announced.

The logistical and financial challenges involved have invariably prevented the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR) from bringing Africa's top sevens nations together in one place. Previous tournaments - even World Cup qualifiers - have been restricted to teams from only six or sevens nations, but the draw for the 2014 championships includes eight nations - South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Madagascar, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Whether all eight teams actually take part will not be known until the tournament begins on 12th April - withdrawals on the day of the tournament have not been unusual in the past - but the fact that this year's competition is proceeded by a week long training camp for all teams will provide an extra incentive to participate.

The tournament was due to take place in Morocco in March, but was moved to Machakos in Kenya last month. As a result Morocco have been replaced in the draw by Namibia, with the other seven participants unchanged. 

The competition will be completed in a single day, and the full draw is as follows:

South Africa



POOL STAGES (Local time)
1 10.00AM - 10.20AM Senegal vs Madagascar
2 10.20am - 10.40am Zimbabwe vs Namibia
3 11.00am - 11.20am Kenya vs Madagascar
4 11.20am - 11.40am Uganda vs Namibia
5 12.00am - 12.20pm South Africa vs Senegal
6 12.20pm - 12.40pm Tunisia vs Zimbabwe
7 01.00pm - 01.20pm Kenya vs Senegal
8 01.20pm - 01.40pm Uganda vs Zimbabwe
9 02.00pm - 02.40pm South Africa vs Madagascar
10 02.40pm - 03.00pm Tunisia vs Namibia
11 03.20pm - 03.40pm South Africa vs Kenya
12 03.40pm - 04.00pm Tunisia vs Uganda 

13 04.20pm - 04.40pm BOWL SEMI 3rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B
14 04.40pm - 05.00pm BOWL SEMI 4th Pool A vs 3rd Pool B
15 05.00pm - 05.20pm CUP SEMI Winner Pool A vs Runners up Pool B
16 05.20pm - 05.40pm CUP SEMI Winner Pool B vs Runners up Pool A
17 05.40pm -06.00pm SHIELD FINAL Loser Game 13 vs Loser Game 14
18 06.00pm - 06.20pm BOWL FINAL Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14
19 06.20pm - 06.40pm PLATE FINAL Loser Game 15 vs Loser Game 16
20 06.40pm - 07.10pm CUP FINAL Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 16 

With thanks to Helen Koyokoyo Buteme