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Also this weekend

As well as the Six Nations, there are three other international games taking place on Saturday


England U20 warmed up for their game against France with a 33-5 win over the British Army

European Championship semi-final: Netherlands v Germany (Amsterdam) (15:45 CET)

The Netherlands and Germany meet in a test match for the first time in nearly nine years. The teams had met almost annually from 1992 to 2010, though the Dutch had dominated the fixture winning 16 of the 17 matches. Most games have been close but from 2004 the gap between the teams grew year on year, culminating in an 83-0 win for the Netherlands.

The Dutch - finalists last year - will start as clear favourites (indeed German coach Dirk Frase has said that he is not expecting a win) but this will be an important measure of German progress after they finished third the the tournament last year after an impressive win over Belgium.

Meanwhile the Dutch welcome back former 7s coach Gareth Gilbert to the women's programme.

​Netherlands (from): Robin Wubben; Eva Cleton; Nicky Dix; Samantha Martinez; Lynn Koelman; Anoushka Beukers; Saskia Herrmann; Tessa Wijnnans; Annemieke van Vliet; Judith Frinking; Jessica Wiangyangkung; Linde van der Velden; Bodil van Wijnbergen; Inger Jongerius; Robin Zuiderhoek; Esra van Ramele; Sophie Touber; Jordan Heil; Miriam van der Veen; Lorainne Laros; Bastienne Oonk; Demi Kist; Elke van Meer; Erin Arends; Bowien van der Sluijs; ; Ouen Makkinga; Kika Mulling; Hiske Blom; Marit Bakker; Willemijn ter Avest.

​Germany (from): Gesine Adler, Katharina Epp, Elena Korn, Marlene Lorenz, Josi Pora, Catharina Rickel, Yona Rossol, Mona Bieringer, Johanna Hacker, Lena Krienke, Friederike Löhr, Susanne Pfisterer, Vivian Bahlmann, Anne Lormis, Mareike Bier, Hille Janssen, Jil Lohmann, Lisa Naumann, Lisa Bohrmann, Johanna Carter, Anja Czaika, Amelie Harris, Franziska Holpp, Jessica Neues, Lea Predikant, Denise Schweiger, Laura Schwinn, Elisa Trick, Monica Yee, Sarah Bießenbach, Franziska Frerich, Kristina Reinbold, Meike Hedderich, Luise Lauter, Corinna Völker, Maike Chucholowius, Vanessa Hage

France U20 v England U20 (Stade de Hautepierre, Strasbourg) (6pm)

After a 13-match unbeaten run, France U20s were finally beaten by England last year in a dramatic game in Lille. The French won the return game in Basingstoke, but it was a dramatic change of fortune for England’s age-group squad.

Now largely new squads from both nations meet again, this weekend in Strasbourg and next weekend in Newbury. England have warmed up for the game with a 33-5 win over the British Army.

England coach Jo Yapp has named the squad that will face France Women U20 on Saturday 9 March, KO 6pm in Strasbourg, France.

Captained by Bristol Bears centre Pheobe Murray, they will play France in a two-game series after defeating Army Women 33-5 in a preparation match last month.  19 members of the squad that contributed towards England’s victory at their annual Army fixture have been named in the match-day 23 for France.

Iona Antwis of Gloucester-Hartpury will make her England Women U20 debut and will be joined by Bristol Bears’ Hollie Cunningham in the second row. Named as replacements, Worcester Valkyries’ Lauren Leatherhead and Gloucester-Hartpury’s Emma Sing will also make their U20 debuts in France this weekend.

Yapp commented: “This two-game series provides us with a great opportunity to develop individual players as well as the team as a whole. Playing at the Stade de Hautepierre will be a brilliant experience for this group where they will be exposed to playing away in Test match conditions. The players will undoubtedly have to make key leadership decisions under pressure that will be invaluable to their development. We’re really excited to get out there and to see what they can achieve.”

The French leg is normally streamed, but details have yet to be released.

France (from): Carla Arbez (AS Bayonnaise); Mélissa Bergeron (Stade Rennais Rugby); Rose Bernadou (Montpe llier RC); Axelle Berthoumieu (Blagnac Rugby Féminin); Emilie Boulard (RC Chilly Mazarin); Suzie Brozda (FC Grenoble Amazones); Océane Buisson (Rugby Clermont La Plaine); Estelle Carpentier (FC Grenoble Amazones); Marie-Aurélie Castel (Stade Rennais Rugby); Lauryne Cheze (ASM Romagnat Rugby Féminin); Khoudedia Cissokho (AC Bobigny 93 Rugby); Célia Domain (Blagnac Rugby Féminin); Charlotte Escudero (Rugby Club La Valette Le Revest La Garde Le Pradet); Manae Feleu (Oneliki Rugby Club); Alizée Foure (L’Ovalie Caennaise); Alyssia Gaudin (Stade Rochelais); Lorette Jacquot (Lille Métropole RC Villeneuvois); Salma Klein (AC Bobigny 93 Rugby); Maya Lespielle (AS Bayonnaise); Alice Muller (FC Grenoble Amazones); Méline Puech (Blagnac Rugby Féminin); Charlotte Rufas (Stade Toulousain Rugby); Mabinty Sylla (Blagnac Rugby Féminin)

England: 15. Carys Cox (Worcester Valkyries/Cardiff Metropolitan University); 14. Merryn Doidge (Bristol Bears/Exeter College); 13. Pheobe Murray (Bristol Bears/University of Bristol); 12. Megan Varley (Worcester Valkyries/Coventry University); 11. Cara Clarke (Worcester Valkyries/University of Bath); 10. Ellie Green (Harlequins Ladies/Reigate Grammar School); 9. Megan Davey (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough University) 1. Akina Gondwe (Worcester Valkyries/University of Worcester); 2. Bryony Field (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 3. Detysha Harper (Firwood Waterloo Ladies/Manchester Metropolitan University); 4. Iona Antwis (Gloucester-Hartpury/Hartpury Collee); 5. Hollie Cunningham (Bristol Bears/Exeter University); 6. Cara Brincat (Worcester Valkyries/University of Worcester); 7. Amelia Harper (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 8. Anya Richmond (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College) 
16. Charlie Budge (Bristol Bears/University of Exeter); 17. Lauren Leatherhead (Worcester Valkyries/University of Worcester); 18. Jessica Thomas (Bristol Bears/University of Exeter); 19. Maud Muir (Wasps FC Ladies); 20. Eleanor Febrey (Gloucester Hartpury/Hartpury College); 21. Jodie Mallard (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 22. Lucie Skuse (Bristol Bears); 23. Emma Sing (Gloucester Hartpury/Hartpury College)

​British Army v Sweden (Aldershot)

Also in action are Sweden. The Swedes recently reformed XVs programme has foregone opportunities to take part in any Rugby Europe competition this season in return for friendly matches, such as this one. With the Army regularly playing against other European teams it is a game that will give the Swedes a good idea where they stand.

Sweden (from): Tove Viksten (Harlequins); Victoria Petersson (Harlequins); Maja Meuller (Vanersborgs Rugbyklubb); Karin Lindmark (Sodertalje Rugbyklubb); Tyra Norlander (Berkeley All Blues); Linda Karlsson (Stockholm Exiles RFC); Jennifer Keijsner Lundh -Vanersborgs Rugbyklubb); Jennifer Sundqvist (Stockholm Exiles RFC); Maja Framming (Uppsala Rugby FC); Linnea Flyman (Malmo RC); Micaela Francke-R den (Stockholm Exiles RFC); Marie Andersson (Vanersborgs Rugbyklubb); Emma Skagerlind (Enkoping RK); Emilia Kristiansson (Goteborg rugbyforening); Frida Nilsson (Pingvin RC); Lene Lykke-Olesen (Uppsala Rugby FC); Jennie Ohlin (Stockholm Exiles RFC); Michelle Johansson (Lichfield); Minonna Nunstedt (Vanersborgs Rugbyklubb); Emma Ljungblom (Uppsala Rugby FC); Katie Chi;ds (Malmo RC); Elfin Sterner (Malmo RC); Emma Gabinus (Goteborg rugbyforening)