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Argentine & Columbia qualify for PanAm 7s

Last weekend (10/11 January) the Seven Mar del Plata took place in Buenos Aires – South America’s qualifier the Pan-American games in Toronto in July. Argentina and Colombia qualified for the remaining 2 spots, joining Brazil, Canada, United States and Mexico who had already qualified, 

Argentina's men's and women's teams celebrate qualification for PanAm Games

The Pan American Games, the "Olympics of the Americas", will be a good opportunity to see the evolution of the women’s game on the continent and to have a peek of those who may qualify for 2016 Rio games.  Argentina since Hong Kong has built their team and their work has paid off classifying to the games in style!

Colombia qualified for the first time and following the success of the Men’s team at the recent CONSUR Championships they look very much the dark horse for the tournament.

Two round robin pools on the Saturday with the top two teams from each pool playing off in a round-robin on the second day (there was no "final"). Argentina (Las Pumas) won all seven games over the weekend while Colombian (Las Tucanas) the runner-up.

Saturday 10th January

Pool A

  • Chile 12 Paraguay 10
  • Argentina 24 Paraguay 0
  • Argentina 41 Chile 5

Pool B

  • Colombia 36 Peru 0
  • Venezuela 10 Uruguay 5
  • Colombia 5 Venezuela 10
  • Uruguay 29 Peru 0
  • Colombia 12 Uruguay 7
  • Peru 12 Venezuela 26

Sunday  11th of January

Championship pool (top two qualify for PanAm)

  • Argentina 17 Colombia 0
  • Venezuela 10 Chile 0
  • Argentina 22 Chile 5
  • Venezuela 0 Colombia 12
  • Chile 0 Colombia 20
  • Argentina 22 Venezuela 5

5th/7th play-off pool

  • Paraguay 38 Peru 5
  • Paraguay 10 Uruguay 0
  • Uruguay 26 Peru 7