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Big win for Japan in Spain

A Spanish XV were outclassed by Japan in a non-test international in Alcobendas on Sunday, losing 12-44.

Sunday’s game in Alcobendas was originally listed as a test match, but was changed to become non-test international a few days before. No explanation was given, but the change of status allowed Japan to add two more players to the bench giving them a chance to give more of their squad international experience. In addition, Spain had their sevens team away at the European Championship in Germany. It will be interesting to see if any of that squad are drafted into for the second game – which will be a full test – next week

Spain will certainly need to do something as Japan dominated most of the match, especially in the first half where coach Juan González fielded most of the younger players from his squad. Spain had no answer to the waves of Japanese pressure and went into the break 22-0 down.

With the resumption, González brought on most of his veterans from the bench which improved matters a little, Sidorella Bracic and Clara Piquero both scoring tries, but Japan still outscored their host over the second 40’ to run out clear victors.


Spain: 1 Maria Del Castillo 2 Marieta Roman 3 Sidorella Bracic 4 Kasandra Sylla 5 Cristina Garcia 6 Nerea Garcia 7 Vico Gorrochategui 8 Carmen Castellucci 9 Julia Castro 10Blanca Ruiz 11Marta Carmona 12 Maider Aresti 13 Alba Vinuesa (C) 14 Martina Marquez 15 Sara Rodriguez
16 Cristina Blanco 17 Ins Antol1nez 18 Laura Delgado 19 Elena Martinez 20 Sara Martori 21 Maria Calvo 22 Alba Capell 23 Lucia Diaz

Japan: 1 Hinata Komaki (7 caps); 2 Kotomi Taniguchi (7); 3 Sachiko Kato (15); 4 Ayano Sakurai (18); 5 Otoka Yoshimura (9); 6 Masami Kawamura (5); 7 Nagata Iroha (Capt) (20); 8 Ayano Nagai (14); 9 Megumi Abe (15); 10 Susa Otsuka (14); 11 Imakugi Komachi (14); 12 Yuki Palaki (1); 13 Mana Furuta (19); 14 Kotono Yasuo (3); 15 Sora Nishimura (1)
16 Manami Mine (1); 17 Mio Nishimura (1); 18 Hiroka Sidaka (13); 19 Makoto Rabemai (21); 20 Court noble Asuka (2); 21 Minoru Yamamoto (24); 22 Kanako Kobayashi (5); 23 Moe Tsukui (23); 24 Nao Ando (1); 26 Koji Ayumu (7)