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Brazil qualify for Tokyo 2020

Brazil have won the South American Sevens, played in Lima, in Peru and secured its place in the Olympic Games and they defeated Colombia 28-15 in the final.

Brazil won the tournament undefeated, scoring 160 points on the first day, and 104 on the second day, while conceeding only 34 points.

14 matches were played on the opening day with an outstanding performance by the Peruvian hosts, also the Brazil, with three victories in the three matches. The Yaras with a collective strong defence game conceded only one try this first day. The Peruvians, with support from the local supporters and the good individual performances of Rosemary Quezada and Michelle Flores, outperformed Paraguay, Venezuela and Guatemala.

The highlight of Group B was the match between Argentina and Colombia. There was barely a minute left with the Argentineans 24-12 behind, but Sofía González, scored twice to tie the game 24-24.

On day two to win their pool and avoid Brazil in the semifinals Colombia needed a to beat Costa Rica by over 69 points their last game after having tied with Argentina in the first day. With a lot at stake, they were able to score try after try, without bothering to kick conversions to avoid wasting time, winning 71-0.

Peru, undefeated on the first day, fell to Brazil in the final game of their pool, and then lost against the Colombians in the semifinal.

Argentinas and Peruvians played for the third place; It was a well balanced match, with the first half ending tied at 5- 5. In the second half the experience and the strong Argentine game prevailed, for the win by 22-12.

For the final, Colombia had strong support from the public, although it was Brazil who assured the victory early on. Thalia "Mulã" Costa, captain Raquel Kochhann and Bianca Silva were the figures of a team that took them back to the Olympic Games. This time, in Tokyo 2020

Pool A: Peru 19-5 Paraguay; Brazil 55-0 Venezuela; Brazil 55-0 Guatemala; Peru 27-5 Venezuela; Brazil 50-5 Paraguay; Peru 22-0 Guatemala; Paraguay 36-0 Venezuela; Paraguay 19-10 Guatemala; Brazil 40-12 Peru; Venezuela 31-5 Guatemala

Pool B: Chile 12-5 Uruguay; Argentina 40-0 Costa Rica; Argentina 24-24 Colombia; Chile 26-0 Costa Rica; Argentina 50-0 Uruguay; Chile 7-19 Colombia; Uruguay 20-0 Costa Rica; Uruguay 0-50 Colombia; Argentina 40-0 Chile; Costa Rica 0-71 Colombia

Semi-finals: Brazil 36-14 Argentina; Colombia 19-5 Peru

9th / 10th place: Guatemala 19-17 Costa Rica

7th / 8th place: Venezuela 0-24 Uruguay

5th / 6th place: Paraguay 27-7 Chile

3rd / 4th: Argentina 22-12 Peru

Final: Brazil 28-15 Colombia

Final classification:

1) Brazil - qualified for the 2020 Olympics and the Pan American Games 2019 
2) Colombia - qualified for the Pan American Games 2019 and Olympic repechage
3) Argentina - qualified for the Pan American Games 2019 and Olympic repechage
4) Peru - qualify for the Pan American Games Lima 2019 
5) Paraguay
6) Chile
7) Uruguay
8) Venezuela
9) Guatemala
10) Costa Rica