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Canada: Improved finances making a world of difference

Meghan Mutrie brings us a powerful video from the Canada women’s rugby team where they discuss the recent issues surrounding the funding of their game at home.

The national team players in Canada have been on a pay-to-play model for the past three years and it reached a breaking point in April with players struggling for funding.Then at the Rugby Canada AGM, over $150 000 was raised by the Board of Directors and individual provincial unions.

This has meant a significant reduction in costs for the players, and it has allowed the team to get back to the playing side of things four months out from the 2010 World Cup.

National players Marlene Donaldson, Brooke Hilditch, Anna Schnell and Gillian Florence talks about the difference the fundraising has made.

Canada are halfway through a 10-day World Cup preparation training camp.