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England v Canada - As it happens!

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England kicked off. 

4 mins. After a good passage of play for England, they win a penalty about 25m out and in front of the posts. Safely converted. 

8 mins However, after consulting the Assistant Referee, Sylvie Bros awards a penalty. But Tittley's kick from the 10m line just drops short.

10 min Great run by McLean through the Canadian defence takes England to Canadian 22.

12 mins. Another England penalty at the ruck, this one right in front again, 35m out. Well struck - England 6, Canada 0.

14 mins. England's turn to be penalised, after a great restart by Canada - Farella taking the kick and driving forward. And this time Tittley, from a more central position, is able to convert. England 6 Canada 3.

20 mins. Most of play so far in middle third, with perhaps too many minor infringements. Referee Bros has something of a reputation in this regard.

21 min. Canada again pinged for holding on, again in a very kickable position. But McLean goes for the try kicking into the corner.

22 min. TRY for England. Catch and drive from the line out, and Hemming snipes round the side and touches down. Tricky conversion 5m in from touch is missed. England 11 Canada 3.

25 mins. Great drive at scrum by England wins the ball against the head, swept wide and Staniford is tackled 5m short. 

28 mins. Canada under huge pressure, England moving the ball from one side of the field to the other - just the final pass preventing an almost certain try.

29 mins Canada break with Blackwood and get into England half.

32 mins. Good period of play by Canada, England defending well keep them out of 22. Maggie Alphonsi comes on for Marlie Packer.

36 mins. Great cross-field kick by McLean puts Lydia Thompson in at the far corner. Again a tricky kick, this time from the far right touchline - but this time it's good. England 18 Canada 3.

39 mins. Farella shows her sevens skills - good break from the Canadian to England 10m line, but well tacked.

40 mins. England on the attack again. Quick hands - and another penalty from the ruck, 20m from posts and right in front. McLean takes the points as the whistle goes for half-time. England 21 Canada 3.

Despite the score the teams are fairly well matched up front, but England are taking almost all of their chances whereas Canada are not. Slow, at times almost telegraphed, passes by Canada not helped by far too many infringements at the ruck - never a good idea with Sylvie Bros carrying the whistle. Canada have had their moments, but have yet to seriously threaten England's 22 never mind the try line.

Second half. Canada have swapped scrum-halves,otherwise no obvious changes.

43 mins. TRY for Sophie Hemming. Again penalties given away, McLean choose to go for the try - catch, drive, try. Kick missed. England 26 Canada 3

48 min Again England get the pressure on at a Canadian scrum and win the ball against the head. England pack in the ascendency. Leads to another penalty, kicked to the corner. Karen Paquin sinbinned for Canada.

49 min. This time the drive does not lead to a try, but it does produce another penalty. England go for a scrum 5m out. But Canada defend well this time, and clear.

52 mins. Another penalty. This time McLean goes for the points, 30m out, central. And converted England bring on Acheson and and Large. Canada makes changes as well.

53 min Charge down gets Canada into England 22. Down to 5m line,. First time England have had to really defend. But they do.

57 mins. Essex on for Millar-Mills for England. Sin bin over - Canada back to 15. Hunt off, Mason on

60 mins. England camped in Canadian 22. Clark and Croker now on for England. Alarie on for Zussman for Canada

62 mins Hugh tackle, penalty and McLean goes for the posts. Centre of the field, 40 m out - and a regulation kick. England 32 Canada 3.

65 min Chance for Canada, but kick ahead just too strong for Harvey and the ball goes dead.

66 min Thompson off for Laybourn, for Canada Russell off and Pinault-Reid on

69 min. Blackwood limps off, Beukeboom replaces her for Canada. Canadian pack now looking much stronger with the replacements.

70 min. Sasha Acheson breaks for the line from halfway - goes 30 m - passes over the top to Alphonsi - but it just fails to go to hand.

73 min Its the England scrum going backwards now, but they still control it and Essex breaks from No.8

75 mins Its Canada moving forward now, but still struggling to even reach England 22. Great defence by England.

79 mins. Into the final minute. Still Canada cannot get much beyond England 10m line. Despite retaining possession, England pressure pushes Canada back to their own 22. And that is time. England 32 Canada 3 the result.