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France win U20 series 2-0

France U20 beat England 40-14 at Newbury RFC on Saturday afternoon.

Coming into the game off the back of 31-12 loss to the French in Strasbourg, the visitors took the lead in the 14th minute.

England wing Cara Clarke responded a couple of minutes later with a try, which was converted by Ellie Green for the lead.

However, France took control of the game as they ran in three more tries to establish at 26-7 half-time lead.

France would score two more tries after the break in between a score from England No 8 Anya Richmond as they won back-to-back games against England.

Referee: Katherine Ritchie (Ang)

England: 2 Tries: Clarke (16), (54), Conversions: 2 Green (17, 54)

France: 6 Tries: Foure (14), Castel (23), Cissokho (31), Sylla (39), Rufas (48), Conversions: 4 Arbez (24, 31, 39, 49)

England U20: 1. Akina Gondwe (Worcester Valkyries/University of Worcester); 2. Bryony Field (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 3. Detysha Harper (Firwood Waterloo Ladies/Manchester Metropolitan University); 4. Iona Antwis (Gloucester-Hartpury/Hartpury Collee); 5. Hollie Cunningham (Bristol Bears/Exeter University); 6. Cara Brincat (Worcester Valkyries/University of Worcester); 7. Amelia Harper (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 8. Anya Richmond (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College) ; 10. Ellie Green (Harlequins Ladies/Reigate Grammar School); 9. Megan Davey (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough University); 11. Cara Clarke (Worcester Valkyries/University of Bath); 12. Megan Varley (Worcester Valkyries/Coventry University); 13. Pheobe Murray (Bristol Bears/University of Bristol); 14. Merryn Doidge (Bristol Bears/Exeter College); 15. Carys Cox (Worcester Valkyries/Cardiff Metropolitan University)
16. Charlie Budge (Bristol Bears/University of Exeter); 17. Florence Long (Bristol Bears/SGS College Filton); 18. Jessica Thomas (Bristol Bears/University of Exeter); 19. Ebony Jeffries (Bristol Bears/University of Exeter); 20. Eleanor Febrey (Gloucester Hartpury/Hartpury College); 21. Jodie Mallard (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College); 22. Lucie Skuse (Bristol Bears); 23. Ellen Ramsbottom (Loughborough Lightning/Loughborough College)


France U20: 1 July Bernard (Lille Metropole RC Villeneuvois); 2 Maya Lespielle (As Bayonnaise); 3 Lorette Jacquot (Lille Metropole RC Villeneuvois); 4 Manae Feleu (Oneliki Rugby Club); 5 Mabinty Sylla (Blagnac Rugby Feminin); 6 Lauryne Cheze (ASM Romagnat Rugby Féminin); 7 Charlotte Escudero (Rugby Club La Valette Le Revest La Garde Le Pradet); 8 Khoudedia Cissokho (A C Bobigny 93 Rugby); 9 Alizée Foure (L'Ovalie Caennaise); 10 Carla Arbez (As Bayonnaise); 11 Marie-Aurélie Castel (Stade Rennais Rugby); 12 Mélissa Bergeron (Stade Rennais Rugby); 13 Charlotte Rufas© (Stade Toulousain Rugby); 14 Océane Buisson (Rugby Clermont La Plaine); 15 Emilie Boulard (RC Chilly Mazarin)
16 Yllana Brosseau (Ac Bobigny 93 Rugby); 17 Manon Leduc (Rugby Feminin Dijon Bourgogne); 18 Manon Pujol (Stade Toulousain Rugby); 19 Estelle Carpentier (FC Grenoble Amazones); 20 Célia Roue (Montpellier RC); 21 Salomé Maran (FC Grenoble Amazones); 22 Meline Puech (Blagnac Rugby Feminin); 23 Alice Muller (FC Grenoble Amazones)