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Germany win European Trophy

Germany have won the European Trophy, despite losing the second leg final in Lisbon to Romania, who have also been promoted.

After a first stage in Budapest a fortnight ago, the same 12 nations met in Lisbon to play the second and final round of the Rugby Europe Sevens Trophy 2019.

At stake of were two places at the Olympic qualification tournament in Kazan (July 13th and 14th) as well as two places in the 2020 European Grand Prix Circuit.

Relegated last year, Germany were favourites to win promotion, and had already shown their power in Budapest tournament, which they had won. But Romania, Czechia and Finland had also shone during the first stage.

Portugal, also relegated last year, were keen to make up for the first round when the team finished in 7th place. This put them ub Germany's pool, where they ended in second place of the group only to fall to the Czechs by 7-0.

The four semi-finalists were the same as in Budapest, and again Germany and Romania were too strong for Finland and Czechs.

However the repeat of the Budapest final delivered a totally different outcome. The Romanians took their revenge and to win the tournament, but in the overall standings, the Series crown went to Germany thanks to a better point difference (+211 vs +129).

At the bottom of the ranking, Israel and Switzerland - 11th and 12th in Budapest - failed to save their place and will play in Conference next year.


Pool A: Germany 22-5 Israel; Norway 0-17 Portugal; Norway 19-14 Israel; Germany 14-12 Portugal; Germany 22-7 Norway; Portugal 43-0 Israel

Pool B: Romania 19-0 Switzerland; Sweden 39-0 Turkey; Romania 29-5 Turkey; Sweden 24-5 Switzerland; Romania 15-12 Sweden; Turkey 15-12 Switzerland

Pool C: Czechia 21-19 Georgia; Finland 41-5 Hungary; Czechia 33-17 Hungary; Finland 24-7 Georgia; Czechia 39-0 Finland; Hungary 7-14 Georgia;

Quarter-finals: Germany 22-0 Norway; Romania 33-0 Georgia; Czechia 7-0 Portugal; Sweden 7-14 Finland

9th place semi-finals: Turkey 0-5 Israel; Switzerland 0-28 Hungary

5th place semi-finals: Norway 5-12 Sweden; Georgia 0-26 Portugal

Semi-final: Germany 20-12 Finland; Romania 19-0 Czechia

11th place Turkey 15-10 Switzerland

9th place Israel 7-12 Hungary

7th place Norway 14-5 Georgia

5th place Sweden 0-43 Portugal

3rd place Finland 14-12 Czech

Final Germany 5-22 Romania