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Get a personal message from the Red Roses thanks to Mitsubishi Motors!

We’ve teamed up with Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, the Official Car Partner of England Rugby, to offer fans of the Red Roses a chance to request personalised messages from current and former star players

Fans can nominate people they think are most deserving of, or would most appreciate, one of these personalised video messages, which will then be recorded by a current Red Roses player or Mitsubishi’s legend Nolli Waterman. The final messages will then be delivered to the recipient via email.

Messages of Mitsubishi ‘Motor-vation’ are intended to reward and recognise those who have made a significant and positive impact upon others during these tough times, offer a pick-me-up to those in need of a lift, and simply to give a shout out to avid super-fans.

Mitsubishi Motors has a long-standing commitment to the grassroots rugby community, including through its Volunteer Recognition Programme, and through providing these messages of ‘Motor-vation’, it hopes to play its part in helping the rugby community stay positive, uplifted, and motivated during these challenging times.  

You can send in your requests to have a personalised message from a Red Rose or Nolli Waterman until midnight on Wednesday 17th February so head over to  to nominate a friend, family, or teammate to receive one!