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Guam gunning to make an impact

This weekend four Asian women’s rugby nations will contest for the title of 7s champions at the East Asian Games in Hong Kong.

Guam, one of the four teams alongside China, Japan and Hong Kong will be firm underdogs but head coach Willie Heteraka said his side will be proud and committed.

The women side from Guam, a small island in the Western Pacific Ocean, will play three of Asias best womens sevens teams during the event to be held in Hong Kong on December 5 and 6.

With Guam clearly underdogs, they will be encouraged by very creditable performances at the Hong Kong Womens Sevens in March, the Asian Womens Sevens tournament in Pattaya, Thailand in April and against China in a special invitation series of four matches during the Shanghai Sevens in September.

Guam will play Hong Kong, China and Japan on the first day with the second day matches depending on team ranking after Day 1. It is clear that no games will be easy but Guam will look forward to renewing their battle against Hong Kong a team they have faced and come close to beating on a couple of occasions.

Coach Willie Hetaraka is pleased with the preparation for the tournament and with his players commitment. These girls have the ability, speed and a passion for playing this game at the international level. What they lack in physical stature, they more than make up for with sheer determination and pride. They have come together to show Asian rugby that we are a team to be reckoned with.

Guam Rugby Union President Stephen Grantham is also pleased that the ability of the Guam team has been recognised at the highest level in Asian rugby.

We set a goal for the team in relation to the 2009 East Asian Games to be held in Hong Kong in December and have marshaled our resources behind these young women to help them achieve that goal. Their results in the Hong Kong Womens Sevens and the Asian Womens Sevens show that our faith in their ability and commitment to Guam rugby is well justified. We appreciate the honor of being invited to represent our island of Guam at this tournament and look for our girls to perform well against these more experienced teams.

Guam: Jennifer Farley (captain), Cera Taguacta, Kayla Taguacta, Tiffany Tallada, Amanda Mesa, Danielle Quenga, Deidre Weakley, Nina Peck and Rosae Calvo.