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Ireland's win in their own words

We caught up with Ireland coach Philip Doyle and Fiona Coghlan straight after their remarkable 17-14 win over New Zealand in the second round the the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup in Marcoussis.

Philip Doyle: "You need self-belief and this team has the self-belief that we can do something special and we just proved it out there. Was it a perfect game of rugby? No. Is there such a thing?

"We had to win, and the girls just applied themselves - as they did with the USA game - exceptionally well. Tactically I thought they were superb. Thank you to Greg McWilliams our attack coach, really a lot of tribute has to go to Greg.

"What really made the difference today was our defence - and when we wanted to attack we attacked in a certain way.

"To be honest I am speechless. I am so proud of the girls. So proud. They’ve worked incredibly hard and there has always been this performance in us. Things didn’t go perfect, and we have a lot to work on – that’s for sure. A few things malfunctioned - but we kept to the task and we got the result.

"Bigger than the Grand Slam? No – we’ve just won a game in the World Cup. We’ve now got one foot inside a semi-final of a WorldCcup, and that is as far as it is. We’ve achieved nothing until the final whistle of the tournament. It's just a group game in a world cup – though a very big group game – but no, we’ve got a lot to go yet.

"Looking back on the game, yes, New Zealand made mistakes – but that is because we were in their face. We analyse teams nearly to death sometimes, but we did notice in previous games that they can crack under pressure. When you are in their face they do get a bit sloppy.

"Now we look to the next game. Kazakhstan. Step three in our little plan. That is all we are looking at."

Fiona Couglan: "All credit to the coaches. We had a game plan. We knew that if we took our game to them we knew we had the ability to win. Credit to the girls for implementing that plan. We had messy lineouts around the park but we had enough to win but how we ground the game out to win was impressive, with everyone on the same page. Obviously it’s a huge win, but as we say its just one step. After the USA game. although we won we didn’t the get the bonus point, so we knew we had to win this.

"Our scrum has improved immensely as the years have gone on and in particular this year. We knew we had to get low on the Kiwis because they’re a bigger pack. We had confidence, it's about technique and it worked.

"At times we did get sucked into the breakdown, but for us forwards its about getting around and filling in the spaces, and not leaving the backs stranded as we did with the New Zealand try. Because in fairness the Kiwis, when they do attack, can put pace on the ball and they can spot gaps - and thankfully we put them under enough pressure to stop them doing that.

"When we got to about 20 minutes to go I knew our fitness was pulling through I knew that if we kept going and kept going and kept the ball we coud do it. We knew they were going to spread it wide but I knew if we marshalled well and kept the pressure on we'd win.

"No obvious injuries, some niggles, but we are going to go back tonight and enjoy this before looking at Kazakhstan and what we have to do there."