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Life is hectic but I wouldn't change it

By Mel Berry - Wales captain.  So now we are into the final run of the 6 Nations. It’s gone by so quickly already. You wait for so long for it to finally start, and then, before you know it, it’s over.Trying to find any non-rugby related time for yourself over this period of time is near impossible. Your ‘normal’ life is thrown into chaos! I am currently living out of a bag, waiting for my next trip to the airport. Every minute of the day is taken up with thoughts; analysis and reflection from the last game, and ways by which to better yourself in preparation for the next. You try not to let it take over your life - but it doe. And I for one wouldn’t change it.

Its been a somewhat indifferent 6 nations for us so far we feel, as a team, that there is more competition for places than ever before. But we have also been a little unfortunate with injuries. Some of us smaller nations dont have what seems like a factory where world class players in abundance are created, like England. But that is part and parcel of the game, and we still entered the 6 Nations with confidence.

It was always going to be a tough opener facing England, but it left us with a clear indication of where we are, against the top team in the world at the moment.

Meeting Scotland after their victory against the French was going to be a challenging one. And for me personally, as I found myself playing in the centre. I was trying to imagine that happening in the mens game. Warren Gatland or Martin Johnson slowly walking up to Ryan Jones and Nick Easter respectively, and saying Well boys, we have a few injuries in the backs so (big slap on the back) weve decided youre playing in the centreYoull be fine! Ha, I'm just lucky the coaches had the confidence to play me there. Like anyone, Id play anywhere for my country, well, I might draw the line at any number under 3.

That result went our way, much to my delight, and not so for fellow blogger and my flat mate Lucy Millard. Lets just say, after I gave her a dead leg, she gave me a dead calf, and a few tussles during the game, that we had an interesting couple of days in the flat!

And so to the French game. There was a lot of talk about revenge from last year. But that is in the past, and come match day, both teams are always as hungry for the win as each other. At 3-0 up at half time, the game looked to be going our way. Unfortunately in the 2nd half we were the masters of our own destruction. Our errors cost us, which was a bitter pill to swallow. But you have to move on, and the next game was far too important to dwell on the disappointment.

It was really good to see the likes of Nai (Thomas) and Rhian Bowden back during the latter games. Bowden in particular, due to her highly important role as my personal hairdresser. Unlike some of my fellow forwards who opt for the tightly plaited look to keep their hair out of the way during games, I prefer a slightly different style. Also, no-one else will let Bowden do their hair, for very good reason. But for me, its a tradition. If I dont get to half time with my hair all over the place, looking like Chabal, then something isnt right! I have the wild and crazy look down to a tee now!

In fact, I wonder if Loreal might sitch Cheryl Cole for me and my hair for their next ad campaign?

So now, Ireland and Italy are left standing in our way. Ireland a Friday night fixture. I do like playing against the Irish, particularly evening games they always have support in abundance and the Welsh fans like going to Ireland, mainly for the Guiness, but also Im sure the rugby is a nice bonus.

The games are always tight and filled with excitement and tension. The result? too close to call.

Ad Italy, they will be no easy game, they have results to back up how far they have progressed this year. How will it all finish? With a Loreal contract for me?? Ill tell you in two weeks.