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On my i-pod

We’re asking World Cup bound players what music gets them pumped up. First up it’s Scotland’s Suzi Newton who tells us why she's picked what.

"It was a challenge for me to choose just five songs, I always train with my ipod shuffle but I very rarely listen to one song all the way through!

The first song reminds me of Scotland training, as Heather and Vic had it blasting out of the car on the way from Murrayfield to Lasswade, a good upbeat song that reminds me of the happy days spent training!

The Rhianna song reminds me of Six Nations 2009 when we always had that playing in the changing room!

Florence and the Machine, I think, is just a great song it starts pretty slow but builds up and is just a happy song!

The last two songs, Marilyn Manson and the POD song are pretty aggressive but sometimes one needs some more aggressive beats and the dance tunes just don't do it! My brother told me to listen to the Marilyn Manson one at first I thought it was a bit mental, but now it is a regular in my playlists!

As I said before, I rarely listen to one song all the way through and I change my playlists quite a bit, however apart from my five above, the song I am loving at the moment is Pixie Lott's, Turn it Up. Bit cheesy but a great tune! I'm sure if you asked me this next month I know my response would be different!"

Suzi's Top 5

David Guetta & Chris Willis Getting Over You

Rhianna Disturbia

Dog Days Are Over Florence and the Machine


Marilyn Manson This is the new s*&t!