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New look to Caribbean comp

The annual Caribbean 15 aside international competition will take a more unusual format this year – with inclusion from the USA and Canada U20 teams.

Instead of a spread of individual island nations taking part, asides from the Caymans and the Bahamans who are hosting, teams in the region have combined to form a "Caribbean Select" bringing together players from Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, and St Vincent and The Grenadines.

The tournament, usually called the NACRA XVs will now be called the Caribbean Championship the USA and Canada U20 teams were invited to participate to help make up the shortfall of teams.

The inclusion of players from T&T and Guyana, teams that historically have dominated the Caribbean Championship in their own right should help to provide stiff opposition for the USA and Canada. Likewise, Cayman, a team that is improving year on year and the 2009 runner up will provide a good test for their neighbours from North America.

The restructure will at least give Caribbean players a chance to test themselves against emerging top level competition in the form the young USA and Canada players while the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas will be hoping they can prove strong enough as standalone teams.

Currently, 7s is the most popular game in the region, with Guyana recently winning the regional crown for the short-form game. 

The tournament take place at the Winton Rugby Centre, just outside Nassa, Bahamas.


Sun Aug 15 Canada U20 v Caribbean Select

Sun Aug 15 USA U20 v Cayman

Tue Aug 17 USA U20 v Caribbean Select

Tue Aug 17 Canada U20 v Cayman

Thur Aug 19 Bahamas v Caribbean Select

Fri Aug 20 USA U20 v Canada U20

Sat Aug 21 Bahamas v Cayman