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Portugal tie series in Brazil

Portugal came back from being behind at halftime to beat Brazil 13-5 and level the two game series.

Report and photo: Brazil Rugby

Brazil and Portugal met for the second time on Saturday at SESI Guarulhos, São Paulo for the second of the two-match series. In the first game, on Tuesday, Brazil had won 10-7, but the Portuguese turned things around in the match and won the second game 13-5.

The Yaras (the Brazilian team) were superior at the beginning of the game, they had territorial dominance and scored the first try in the 26th minute throughh Carol. The Brazilians kept up the pressure, but failed to take advantage and the first half ended 5-0 for the Yaras.

In the second half it was a different story. Portugal had most of the possession and managed to level the score with Inês Marques. Captain Daniela Correia converted and took advantage of a penalty to extend the lead shortly after, 10 to 5.

The Yaras had their moments , but the "Lobas" resisted a counterattack the Brazilians faced further difficulties with a yellow card for Isadora Lopes. Daniela Correia kicked another penalty and the 13-5 for the Wolves remained until the end.

“It was a very important series of games. We played more level games and had a victory. Positive balance, of course”, said Brazil coach AK Southey.

Franciele Barros, prop of the Yaras, highlighted that “we wasted opportunities and they were more efficient. Let’s keep working, now with a clearer path.”

The Portuguese captain, Daniela Correia, commented that “we didn't expect Brazil to be so strong. This trip was very important to prepare us for the challenges of next year”.

In 2024, Brazil will play in the qualifiers for the 2025 World Cup, the first edition of the women's Rugby World Cup XV that will have a direct place for South America.

Referee: 🇨🇱Rodrigo Arnold | Assistants: 🇧🇷Lucas Saccomanno and 🇧🇷Érika Weiss


Try: Carolyne

15 Lohana Valente (GRUA | Delta), 14 Carolyne Pereira (GRUA | Delta), 13 Isadora Lopes (Melina), 12 Giovanna Barth (Maringá), 11 Cláudia “Claudinha” Teles (USP) | Niterói) Carolyne Pereira (GRUA | Delta), 10 Patrícia BodeYarasman (Melina), 9 Aline Mayumi (Pasteur) (vc), 8 Íris Coluna (Band Saracens) (c), 7 Letícia “Lelê” Medeiros (Melina), 6 Camilla Ísis Carvalho (El-Shaddai), 5 Eshyllen Coimbra (El-Shaddai), 4 Dayana Dakar (Niterói), 3 Carolina “Pala” Palazzini (Band Saracens), 2 Tainá “Tatá” Amorim (Melina), 1 Patrícia “Pipoca” Lima (Melina);

Substitutes: 16 Júlia Leni (Curitiba), 17 Franciele “Fran” Barros (Melina), 18 Alessandra “Ale” Lima (Band Saracens), 19 Clara Germano (Niterói), 20 Natália Momberg (São José), 21 Leila Silva (Leoas from Paraisópolis), 22 Fernanda Tenório (El-Shaddai), 23 Larissa Alves (Curitiba);

Coach: AK Southey


Try: Inês Marques

Conversion: Daniela Correia (1)

Penalties: Daniela Correia (2)

15 Daniela Correia (SC Porto), 14 Inês Spínola (CRAT Coruña, Spain), 13 Mariana Marques (Valkyries Normandie, France), 12 Maria João Costa (Benfica), 11 Chloe Costa (Stade Bordelais, France), 10 Beatriz Oliveira ( Valkyries Normandie, France), 9 Ana Santos (São Miguel), 8 Sara Oliveira (Benfica), 7 Ana Fernandes (Benfica), 6 Laura Pereira (Benfica), 5 Marion Mazer (Vitry, France), 4 Maria Morant (CRAT Coruña , Spain), 3 Beatriz Rodrigues (Bairrada), 2 Maria Teixeira (Sporting), 1 Claire Sanchez (Lons Pau, France);

Substitutes : 16 Sara Fernandes (Benfica), 17 Inês Marques (Valkyries Normandie, France), 18 Carlota Torres (SC Porto), 19 Arlete Gonçalves (Benfica), 20 Inês Barbosa (Belas), 21 Mariana Santos (Agrária Coimbra), 22 Marta Pedro (Sporting), 23 Antónia Martins (CRAV);

Coach: João Moura

Location: SESI Guarulhos