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Scrumqueens Sevens Squad of the Year

Three New Zealanders, three French and two Australians reflect the three most successful teams in 2018.

When it came to the public nominations almost all were for backs, forwards apparently rarely being recognised for their contribution! We have made our own adjustments.

Michaela Blyde (New Zealand)
Voted sevens player of the year by World Rugby for the past two years, Blyde is the clearly the world’s leading sevens star, alongside Kiwi team-mate Portia Woodman

Charlotte Caslick (Australia)
One of the most recognisable sportswomen in Australia, Caslick was a key part of Australia’s 2017/18 series winning team

Anne-Cecile Ciofani (France)
​Ciofani was the Women's Breakthrough Player of the Tournament at the World Cup as France reached the final, Ciofani herself getting the winning score in the semi-final against Australia.

Sarah Goss (New Zealand)
Captain of the World Cup and Commonwealth Games winners, Goss was nominated for World Rugby’s sevens player of the year and is instrumental in developing the strong team spirit that is a feature of the Black Fern team.

Camille Grassineau (France)
The strength of France’s defence was at the core of their success in 2018, Grassineau played in every one of France's 34 games in the World Cup and World Series, and was credited with the highest number of tackles recorded in the 17/18 series.

Alev Kelter (United States)
Kelter epitomises the USA team with her power, terrific pace and all-round ability. Kelter was one of the top point scorers in the 2017/18 series as well as recording one of the highest tackle counts.

Ghislaine Landry (Canada)
The all-time highest points scorer in the world series, Landry became the first woman to pass 1,000 points in the first round of the 2018/18 series in Glendale

Marjorie Mayans (France)
​While Mayans rarely features on the scoreboard, her power and strength in defence was a major asset to the French performance in 2018.

Evania Pelite (Australia)
Another key player in Australia’s World Series squad, Pelite’s incredible pace is a major asset to Australia both in attack and defence

Ruby Tui (New Zealand)
One of the greatest forwards in world sevens since her debut in 2012, her power can be decisive in swinging matches New Zealand's way in tight clashes.

Sharni Williams (Australia)
​Co-captain of the Australian team, like other forwards her contribution is rarely measured by points on the board, but her contribution up front provided a major contribution to Australia’s series win. A player with enormous heart and courage.

Portia Woodman (New Zealand)
Top points and try scorer in the 17/18 series, Woodman is the high-profile star of New Zealand women’s rugby, her power and explosive pace being key to New Zealand’s performance in 2018