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Three win places in African Olympic qualifier

Three teams won places for Africa’s final Olympic qualifier at a 10-team tournament held in Lusaka this weekend.

Zambia, Ghana and Zimbabwe will join South Africa, Madagascar, Uganda, Kenya and Tunisia in a tournament to decide Africa’s qualifier for the 2024 Olympics. For the first time it has been confirmed that South Africa will be able to attend the Games if they win the tournament.

Ten teams took part in the two-day competition hosted by Zambia.

Not a great deal of information about the tournament was published by Rugby Afrique, but Zambia and Ghana finished top of their pools unbeaten, winning both of them a place in the final qualifier, though they still met in a final, which Zambia won comfortably 26-5.

The two pool runners-up – Senegal and Zimbabwe – played off for third and final spot, which Zimbabwe won by 10-7.


Pool A: Zambia 35-10 Algeria; Senegal 24-19 Egypt; Zambia 36-0 Mauritius; Senegal 26-0 Algeria; Egypt 0-19 Mauritius; Zambia 29-5 Senegal; Egypt 0-14 Algeria; Senegal 17-5 Mauritius; Zambia 31-5 Egypt; Mauritius 7-19 Algeria

Pool B: Ghana 24-12 Cote d'Ivorie; Zimbabwe w/o v DR Congo; Ghana 24-0 Burkina Faso; Zimbabwe 43-0 Cote d'Ivorie; DR Congo 12-19 Burkina Faso; Ghana 19-5 Zimbabwe; DR Congo 5-20 Cote d'Ivorie; Zimbabwe 22-0 Burkina Faso; Ghana 45-0 DR Congo; Burkina Faso 0-0 Cote d'Ivorie

9th Place: Egypt 44-0 DR Congo

7th Place: Mauritius 22-14 Burkina Faso

5th Place: Algeria 0-19 Cote d'Ivorie

3rd Place: Senegal 7-10 Zimbabwe

Final: Zambia 26-5 Ghana