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Top 5 stories of 2018

We take a look at the five most-read stories on over the past 12 months. 

Get the facts right!

The rise in media interest in women’s rugby has brought  into the open the lack of records and statistics on the game - and that is resulting in ill-informed stories appearing in the media.

We took at look at the errors in both team and player records being used by official tournament information suppliers.

Maturing Daley-Mclean still key to England's ambitions

This long-read interview with Katie Daley-Mclean shone a light into how the England playmaker had developed and matured into one of the most consistent players in the world.

Coming just ahead of a crucial Six Nations game against France,  she talked about moving clubs, focusing on 15s, her favourite clash with the French and the advice she would give to her younger sel

Should women play with a smaller ball?

Although this story was published at the tail end of 2017, it is such a highly debated topic that it proved immensely popular throughout 2018.

The issue of the size of the ball in women’s rugby is a constant source of debate in the women’s game and this time we had England coach Simon Middleton and Wasps coach Giselle Mather go head to head debating for and against respectively.

International players fear for future of fifteens

This was a fascinating in depth look at a worldwide survey of international players which revealed the pressure faced by elite women’s players and their concerns for the future of the game.

The stand-out finding from the survey was that 68% of players felt that the Women’s game globally is more focused on sevens rather than the traditional test rugby. 75% of players in the fifteens code feel there is not enough games for their country with only players from Europe who have the benefit of the Six Nations competition feel that there was sufficient test rugby.

How the USA taught New Zealand to play

Three years ago we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Wyverns - an American team that revolutionised women's rugby in Europe. For this piece, a researcher, Martin Twaddle, had uncovered information about a series of other tours by American teams that helped develop the modern game in New Zealand.

This is a fantastic read about a time when the USA were the masters of the game.