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Video highlights and reaction from England V Wales

After the game, Scrumqueens reporter Sophia Papadopoulos talked to Non Evans, Catherine Spencer and Heather Fisher.

Wales fullback Non Evans.

Q- It is a bit of a disappointing result for the girls tonight, how do you feel looking ahead to the Scotland game next week?

Non Evans (NE)- Obviously we are disappointed with the loss, but England played extremely well and I think we have to take the positives out of that game. Our defence in the second half was absolutely brilliant, especially when we lost players to the sin bin, so if we can take the positives from this game and take them to Scotland, were looking to put a big score on them and be really positive going forward now in to the campaign. We really want to do well. We have three home games this season so weve got nothing to lose now.

Q- Looking ahead to the rest of the campaign, youre feeling positive, despite the loss?

NE- Obviously its disappointing, nobody likes losing. First game of the campaign, Englands always a tough one. Theyre one of the best teams in the world, they just beat New Zealand but I think we can take a lot of positives. They scored a lot of points from our mistakes, so weve got to stop those mistakes, play a bit of positive rugby, get the ball in hand and really score a lot of points against Scotland, which I think were really capable of doing.

Q- And looking even further ahead to the World Cup, this is great preparation right now.

NE- Absolutely. The World Cup is going to be absolutely brilliant. There are going to be about 10 games on television and its really going to raise the profile of the Womens game. This is our first game of the season really. We played Sweden, and unfortunately our game against the Nomads was cancelled because of the snow, so it was difficult going in to this game without a warm up game. But now were just building, building, building. We've got the 6 nations, and hopefully two games against England in the summer, before the World Cup. We can't wait.

England captain Catherine Spencer.

Q- What a great result for the girls

Catherine Spencer (CS)- Definitely, were so pleased. You know after the disappointment of last year, we felt we really had a point to prove and it feels good that we did what we came to do.

Q- How are feeling about the rest of the campaign and your trip to Rome?

CS-: Good, I mean tonight was a great performance but you can never underestimate Italy. You never know what youre going to get with them so well work hard and hopefully come away with a positive result at the end of it.

England flanker Heather Fisher

Q- Great game today, you played an absolute corker. How does it feel?

Heather Fisher (HF)- It feels amazing! To play with England is the best feeling ever and to score a try tonight, on top of that- my first ever for England, Ive come close a couple of times but to get it tonight- its a really good feeling.

Q- Feeling good about the rest of the 6 nations, and especially next week in Italy?

HF- Yeah, yeah absolutely. Its my first 6 nations and were a confident side. Not over-confident, there are sides who give us a real run for our money, they always do-Wales especially and you can never under-estimate other teams.

Q- Looking even further ahead to the World Cup how a re you feeling about it?

HF- Its going to be the best opportunity to prove where we belong and be the best. I really want us to be world champs and well do everything we can, as a squad to go out there and do everything to make sure that happens. Play out of our skins and stretch ourselves and hopefully the wins will come, but one game at a time will get us there.