European Sevens dates announced

Rugby Europe have announced the dates, venues and pool draws for all of this year’s European Sevens competitions

Published by John Birch, April 30, 2024

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European Sevens dates announced

Championship Series

France will defend their “European Champions” title over two tournaments in Makarska, Croatia (7-9 June) and Hamburg (28-30 June), which will help prepare France and Great Britain for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games at the end of July.

Czechia and Poland will also participate in Olympic repechage tournament in Monaco between 21st to 24st of June.

Turkey will play in the Championship for the first time, and Ukraine also return to the Championship after they were unable to take their place in 2022 following the Russian invasion.

Pool A: France, Ireland, Czechia, Turkey

Pool B: Spain, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine

Pool C: Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Portugal

Trophy Series

The venues will remain the same as last year in the Trophy with Zagreb hosting the first leg (14-16 June) and Budapest for the second (12-14 July).

Pool A: Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Andorra

Pool B: Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland

Pool C: Finland, Georgia, Israel, Norway


In the Conference the women’s competition (7-8 June) will be three pools of three and will be played in Belgrade, Serbia

Pool A: Moldova, Montenegro, Croatia,

Pool B: Bulgaria, Malta, Luxembourg

Pool C: Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia

U18 Championship: Strasbourg (5-7 July)

French regional league “Grand Est” will host the U18 European Championships (5-7 July). France will both be looking to defend their titles in a two-day format.

Pool A: France, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal

Pool B: Spain Czechia, Poland, Wales

U18s Trophy: Zabki, Poland (13-14 July)

A second level Trophy tournament will take place in Zabki, Poland, a week after the Championship


Pool A: Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, Moldova

Pool B: Turkey, Lithuania, Romania, Germany