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Belgium content despite big Dutch defeat

The Belgian women's XV team played its first internatuional match today for more than two years. Traveling to Amsterdam , the Belgian Lionesses bowed against the Netherlands with their heads held high. And come home with more benchmarks.

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Relaunched by Belgium Rugby, the Belgian national team has resumed service with a trip to Amsterdam. Coaches Renaud Labardant, Cathy De Geyter and Sophie Clément had taken over a team made up of experienced players but also young women with a promising future.

At home, the Netherlands dominated the first half, scoring five tries to lead 27-0 at the break. Despite a big difference at the athletic level, the Belgians did not give up after the break.

The Lionesses thus delivered a better second half with better defence and some good counter-attacks which were however not successful. They conceded three tries and lost 44-0. A score that does not really reflect the mentality and the potential displayed by the Belgian fifteen.

"It was a good benchmark match. We now have a benchmark," explained Hélène Simon after the match. "There is a lot of news and therefore a lot of promises. We will now be able to work on the basis of something to face Portugal in a month".

The Belgian women's team will indeed prepare for its return to competition. She will travel to Portugal on December 4 as part of the European Trophy.

Netherlands: 1 Irene Jansen; 2 Anouk Veerkamp; 3 Brechtje Karst; 4 Mhina De Vos; 5 Micha1a Van Capel 6 Inger Jongerius; 7 Judith Frinking; 8 Linde Van Der Velden (C); 9 Pleuni Kievit; 10 Renate Jansen; 11 Lieve Stallmann; 12 Qven Makkinga; 13 Bowien Manuhutu; 14 Noa Donkersloot; 15 Jordan Heil; 16 Sydney De Weiier; 17 Lynn koelman; 18 Nicky Dik; 19 Robin Wubben; 20 Liza De Wild; 21 Juda Verhoeven; 22 Robin Zuiderhoek; 23 Esmee Ligtvoet; 24 Inge Van Der Velden; 25 Merel De Goot

Belgium: Claire Andries (Kituro); Manon Bertin (Rooster Mosan); Julie Bijnens (Boitsfort); Norah Chahab (Kituro); Jade Cloof (Dendermonde); Hannah Design (Dendermonde); An-Marthe Ingelaere (Curtrycke); Jeanne Marquegnies (Frameries); Nele Michem (Dendermonde); Céline Minon (Rooster Mosan); Laetitia Mulenda (The Hulpe); Elodie Musch (The Hulpe); Laurie Prignon (Kituro); Lorisse Ranger (The Hulpe); Aude Risselin (Kituro); Marie Rutsaert (Leuven); Hélène Simon (Kituro); Line Sobczak (Frameries); Charlotte Timperman (Gent); Clotilde Toussaint (Namur); Noémie Van de Poel (The Hulpe); Nele Van Den Hassevelde (Dendermonde); Selina Vaneyst (RC9); Sarah Verzin (Boitsfort); Romanie Yserbyt (Curtrycke)