Brazil just fall short against Colombia

Brazil just failed to record a first ever win against Colombia on Sunday, despite scores three of the games five tries

Published by John Birch, June 12th, 2023

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Brazil just fall short against Colombia

Brazil took test rugby to the Dutrinha Stadium, in Cuiabá, in the westwen state of Mato Grosso on Sunday, and small but raucous crowd experienced a a exciting between Brazil and Colombia to round off the Americas Trophy.

Colombian took the win by 18-15, but the result that the title went to the United States U23s, who defeated the Colombians on Wednesday by 27-24 and drew 15-15 with Brazil the previous Saturday.

The Colombian “Tucanas” took the lead with a penalty kicked by Tapias and then followed that with the first try of the game at 17', Paola Delgado finishing a well-built sequence of phases.

However, everything seemed to change in the 22nd minute when Colombian mainstay Naranjo received a red card for late contact after a kick. With more space, the Yaras scored their first try through Tamires in the 33rd minute. The conversion, however, was missed, goal kicking proving to be a decisive factor against Brazil until the end of the game. A second penalty for Colombia and Tapias was punishment for Brazilian indiscipline just before the break and at halftime with Colombia led 11-5.

Brazil reacted in the second half with Lohana running for the second try, in the 11th minute, catching a clever kick from scrum-half Patrícia. But the conversion was again missed , the Colombians remained ahead, 11 -10. Tapias missed a penalty after which the visitors frustrated the home team giving them no space and forcing mistakes. When they had opportunities they took them and in the 70thminute Colomba extended their lead with try by Juliana Soto, 18-10.

But the Yaras battled back Ana Carolina scored the third Brazilian try, in the 74th minute, in a move that started with a deep Brazilian kick and an error by the Colombians. Under pressure, the Yaras regained possession and moved the ball with speed for the back line to finish. Brazil still pressed at the end, but the turnaround try did not come out. 18-15 was the final score

On July 5th and 9th, Colombia and Brazil will face off again, in two matches in Medellín, Colombia, qualifying for WXV, the new world league.

15 - 18

06/11 – Brazil 15 x 18 Colombia ??, in Cuiabá – Eurico Gaspar Dutra Stadium

Referee: Victor Hugo Barboza | Assistants: ??Erika Weiss and ??Paulo Arruda


Tries: Tamires and Lohana, Ana Carolina

15 Ana Júlia Dias, 14 Lohana Valente, 13 Carolyne Pereira, 12 Giovanna “Gicosa” Olio, 11 Tamires Costa, 10 Paula Sarmento, 9 Patrícia Bodeman, 8 Maria Eduarda “Duda” Santos, 7 Letícia “Lelê” Medeiros, 6 Grasiele “ Grasi” Bomfim (c), 5 Bárbara Leal, 4 Dayana “Day” Dakar (c), 3 Camila Gonçalves, 2 Júlia Leni, 1 Carolina “Pala” Palazzini;

Replacements: 16 Taís Gomes, 17 Tainá “Tatá” Amorim, 18 Patrícia “Pipoca” Lima, 19 Íris Coluna, 20 Ana Carolina Santana, 21 Eshyllen “Esh” Coimbra, 22 Aline Mayumi, 23 Gabriela Alves;

Coach: AK Southey


Tries: P Delgado and J Soto

Conversions: Tapias (1)

Penalties: Tapias (2)

15 Valentina Tapias, 14 Leidy García, 13 Leidy Soto, 12 Luisa Zurique, 11 Juliana Soto, 10 Laura Mejía, 9 Yamileth Ramírez, 8 Maribel Mestra, 7 Laura Álvarez, 6 Valeria Muñoz, 5 Paola Delgado, 4 Annagith Vargas, 3 Carolina Naranjo, 2 Silvia Olave, 1 Natalia Barajas;

Replacements: 16 Gina Delgado, 17 Natalia Caycedo, 18 Camila Cardona, 19 Laura Gutierrez, 21 Stefanía Sarmiento, 22 Sofía Granados, 23 Isabel Ramírez, 24 Sara Vélez;

Coach: Lissete Martinez