Brazil qualify for World Cup

Brazil - playing only their ninth ever test match - beat Colombia today for the first time, and became the first South America team to qualify for a World Cup

Published by John Birch, June 29th, 2024

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Brazil qualify for World Cup

A fuller report on today's test will appear here later, but Brazil lead from start to finish, leading 22-8 at half time, and extending that win 34-13.

Brazil made their test match debut in 2008 when they played a one-off test in the Netherlands, losing 10-0. However it would not be until 2019 that they would play again

Since 2019 they have played just eight test matches, all in South America. Six have been against Colombia, and two against Portugal, resulting in two wins (the win today and a 10-7 win against Portugal last year).

They will be comfortably the least experienced team to appear at a World Cup since South Africa took part in 2006 having previously only played six tests.

However, some of their players have been to England before as part of Brazil's rugby league team at the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.