Colombia win place in WXV3

Colombia confirmed their place in WXV3 with a 30-19 win against Brazil in Medellín on Sunday.

Published by John Birch, July 10th, 2023

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Colombia win place in WXV3

On paper this was Brazil’s “home” leg after the same two teams had met last week on the same ground. But after coming so close to losing the first leg Colombia were more comfortable winners this time.

The game started with the Colombians opening the scoring with a penalty kicked by Arzuaga, but the Brazilians had an excellent start to the match and soon scored the first try of the game with Luiza, who came out on the blind side of the scrum to score. The conversion was missed, however, and the Colombian Tucanas regained the lead with an accurate penalty by Arzuaga. Brazil had its chance to return ahead of the scoreboard but missed a very kickable penalty in the 30th minute after which Colombia took control of the final stages of the first half ending it with a try from Leidy Soto.

The 11-5 lead at the break was soon extended with Lopera making a great run for Soto's second try for the Tucanas. Poor discipline then again hurt Brazil when yellow card to Grasi gave Colombia more space for a third try, again with Soto crossing the line through the counterattack after an error in the Brazilian backs.

At the end of the game, Mestra scored the fourth try for Colombia. Brazilian pack showed its power at the end with two penalty tries, but it was too late and Colombia will join WXV3 in Dubai later this year.


Tries: Luiza, penalty try (2)

15 Patrícia Bodeman, 14 Lohana Valente, 13 Edna Santini (c), 12 Amanda Araújo, 11 Ana Júlia Dias, 10 Marina “Tchoba” Fioravanti, 9 Luiza Campos, 8 Íris Coluna (c), 7 Letícia Medeiros, 6 Milena Mariano, 5 Grasiele Bomfim, 4 Ana Carolina Santana, 3 Taís Gomes, 2 Tainá “Tatá” Amorim, 1 Franciele Barros;

Replacements: 16 Júlia Leni, 17 Natália Momberg, 18 Patrícia “Pipoca” Lima, 19 Sofía Marques, 20 Eshyllen Coimbra, 21 Aline Mayumi, 22 Paula Sarmento, 23 Isadora Lopes;

Coach: AK Southey


Tries: Leidy Soto (3) and Master

Conversions: Arzuaga (2)

Penalties: Arzuaga (2)

15 Camila Lopera (c), 14 Leydi Garcia, 13 Leidy Soto, 12 Luisa Zurique, 11 Maria Arzuaga, 10 Laura Mejía, 9 Andrea Ramirez, 8 Maribel Mestra, 7 Angela Alzate, 6 Valeria Cuartas, 5 Paola Delgado, 4 Valentina Alvarez , 3 Carolina Naranjo, 2 Silvia Olave, 1 Tatiana Delgado;

Replacements: 16 Natalia Caicedo, 17 Natalia Barajas, 18 Camila Cardona, 19 Laura Gutierrez, 20 Tatiana Hernandez, 21 Estefania Sarmiento, 22 Isabel Ramirez, 23 Juliana Soto;

Coach: Lissette Martinez