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Maple Leafs win RAN sevens

Canada’s sevens development team – the Maple Leafs – have taken the Rugby Americas North sevens title.

Canada’s dominance of their regional sevens competition continued this weekend when their Maple Leafs team again lifted what is now the RAN (Rugby Americas North) Sevens title (formerly NAWIRA and NACRA), and again won without conceding a point.

Canadian teams have won every year they have entered the tournament – 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2016. This year the closest of their six games was a 40-0 pool win over Jamaica.

But it was not a tournament without surprises. Mexico – who would be the region’s superpower but for the participation of North American teams – lost to a Caribbean island team for the first time since 2012, when hosts Trinidad beat them 24-0 in the final pool game. It was a result that also ensured Mexico would meet the Maple Leafs in the semi-finals, meaning that they also missed out on the final for the time in four years.

However, Trinidad’s moment of glory was shortlived when the lost the weekend’s closest game, going down to Jamaica 10-5 in the semi-finals.

And so to the final where, predictably, the Maple Leafs were far too strong for Jamaica, winning this tjme 41-0. Trinidad also repeated their pool triumph to finish third, beating Mexico 12-5.

Pool A: Canada Maple Leafs 52-0 Bermuda; Jamaica 19-0 Cayman; Jamaica 25-0 Turks & Caicos Islands; Canada Maple Leafs 52-0 Cayman Islands; Canada Maple Leafs 59-0 Turks & Caicos Islands; Jamaica 21-0 Bermuda; Cayman Islands 22-0 Bermuda; Canada Maple Leafs 40-0 Jamaica; Turks & Caicos Islands 5-14 Cayman; Turks & Caicos Islands 0-19 Bermuda

Pool B: Mexico 33-0 Bahamas; Trinidad & Tobago 12-0 Guyana; Trinidad & Tobago 27-0 Dominican Republic; Mexico 20-0 Guyana; Mexico 27-0 Dominican Republic; Trinidad & Tobago 24-7 Bahamas; Guyana 12-0 Bahamas; Mexico 0-24 Trinidad & Tobago; Dominican Republic 05-12 Guyana; Dominican Republic 0-10 Bahamas

Cup Semi-finals: Canada Maple Leafs 43-0 Mexico; Trinidad & Tobago 5-10 Jamaica

Bowl Semi-finals: Cayman 0-7 Bahamas; Guyana 24-0 Bermuda

9th /10th: Turks & Caicos v Dom Republic (Cancelled)

Shield Final (7th/8th): Cayman 19-0 Bermuda

Bowl Final (5th/6th): Bahamas 12-17 Guyana

Plate Final: Mexico 5-12 Trinidad & Tobago

Cup Final: Canada Maple Leafs 41-0 Jamaica

Video of finals day