Poland win European U18 Trophy 7s

A week after winning the senior European 7s, Poland have retained their the U18 Trophy title, Europe's second level age group tournament .

Published by John Birch, July 9th, 2022

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Poland win European U18 Trophy 7s

Poland have won a second European U18 7s Trophy .Playing at home again, this time in Zabki, Poland proved to be at a different level to all of their opponents.

Nine teams took part in the tournament, the third time a second-level Trophy tournament has been played, after the first in 2017 (won by Germany), and last year when Poland took the title ahead of Germany and Hungary.. All seven teams who took part last year returned, along with Andorra (who missed last year), and Romania (who were playing in the U18 7s for the first time) .

The teams were divided into three pools of three, and then redrawn into three new pools based on the first rounds results. Performances in the first two rounds were used to determine a final round of pool that would decide the tournament rankings.

Poland, Germany and Hungary were unbeaten in the first round, and Poland and Hungary were also unbeaten in the second. Germany suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Andorra, but still topped Pool E. As a result, these three teams won the right to play-off for the title.

Poland beat both Germany and Hungary easily in the championship pool, with Germany taking the runners-up spot with a narrow win against Hungary.


Pool A: Poland 41-0 Lithuania; Latvia 0-34 Lithuania; Poland 59-0 Latvia

Pool B: Germany 22-0 Romania; Sweden 5-26 Romania; Germany 45-0 Sweden

Pool C: Hungary 15-12 Andorra; Turkey 5-0 Andorra; Hungary 12-5 Turkey

Pool D: Poland 49-0 Sweden; Turkey 19-10 Sweden; Poland 41-5 Turkey

Pool E: Germany 10-15 Andorra; Lithuania 10-5 Andorra; Germany 19-12 Lithuania

Pool F: Hungary 43-0 Latvia; Romania 24-0 Latvia; Hungary 27-12 Romania

Pool I (Ranking 7-9): Andorra 17-5 Latvia; Sweden 39-0 Latvia; Andorra 15-7 Sweden

Pool H (Ranking 4-6): Romania 0-10 Turkey; Lithuania 24-17 Turkey; Romania 24-0 Lithuania

Pool G (Ranking 1-3): Poland 43-5 Germany; Hungary 26-31 Germany; Poland 54-5 Hungary

Final Rankings: 1, Poland; 2, Germany; 3, Hungary; 4, Romania; 5, Turkey; 6, Lithuania; 7, Andorra; 8, Sweden; 9, Latvia