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Poland win U18 Euro Trophy

Poland took full advantage of home ground to win Europe’s U18 trophy – the continent’s second tier tournament.

Poland ended with a 100% record in the European U18 trophy, winning the one-day competition held on Saturday (17th July) in Gdansk. Only Germany provided a serious challenge, Poland winning just 12-5 in the penultimate round, as the Polish girls swept to impressive wins in all of their other games.

Germany ended runners up, with Hungary a strong third. The other four teams ended with negative point differences, Turkey taking fourth, Swede fifth, Latvia sixth and Lithuania seventh.


Germany 24-5 Hungary; Poland 46-0 Turkey; Sweden 31-5 Lithuania; Germany 36-5 Turkey; Sweden 26-29 Hungary; Poland 38-0 Latvia; Hungary 38-7 Lithuania; Germany 39-5 Latvia; Sweden 10-15 Turkey; Latvia 26-17 Lithuania; Turkey 0-26 Hungary; Sweden 5-51 Poland; Latvia 0-15 Turkey; Poland 38-17 Hungary; Germany 45-0 Lithuania; Turkey 19-17 Lithuania; Germany 5-12 Poland; Sweden 32-0 Latvia; Latvia 5-43 Hungary; Poland 50-0 Lithuania; Sweden 5-29 Germany