Sweden romp to win in Zagreb

Sweden look well set to bounce straight back to the top level of European Sevens after an impressive performance in the first leg in Zagreb.

Published by j, June 16th, 2024

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Sweden romp to win in Zagreb

Relegated from the Championship in 11th place last year, Sweden were comfortable winners in Zagreb, topping their pool conceding just one try, and not allowing one more until the final.

In the final they faced Georgia, who have never reached at the top level before, but had had their best ever tournament, reaching the final almost as comfortable, including a quarter-final win against 2023 Championship team Romania.

The only team who may yet stop Georgia’s promotion may be Denmark, who finished a strong third, and who Georgia managed to avoid this weekend.

At the bottom relegation looks like a battle between Israel, Austria and Norway.


Pool A: Latvia 10-19 Austria; Andorra 0-39 Sweden; Latvia 19-10 Andorra; Sweden 29-5 Austria; Austria 12-22 Andorra; Sweden 21-0 Latvia

Pool B: Hungary 17-15 Denmark; Switzerland 15-7 Romania; Hungary 12-10 Switzerland; Romania 0-20 Denmark; Denmark 32-5 Switzerland; Romania 19-10 Hungary

Pool C: Georgia 27-0 Israel; Norway 7-29 Finland; Georgia 25-0 Norway; Finland 31-0 Israel; Israel 5-12 Norway; Finland 12-15 Georgia

Quarter-Finals: Sweden 34-0 Switzerland; Georgia 21-0 Romania; Finland 7-17 Latvia; Denmark 12-10 Hungary

9th-12th Place Semi-Finals: Austria 15-12 Israel; Norway 5-17 Andorra

5th-8th Place Semi Finals: Switzerland 7-17 Hungary; Romania 5-17 Finland

Semi-Finals: Sweden 27-0 Denmark; Georgia 26-0 Latvia

11th Place: Israel 17-5 Norway

9th Place: Austria 7-10 Andorra

7th Place: Switzerland 5-20 Romania

5th Place: Hungary 17-5 Finland

3rd Place: Denmark 19-12 Latvia

Final: Sweden 31-7 Georgia