Tunisia win 3-nation Rugby Africa series

Tunisia have beaten Cote d’Ivorie 61-0 to win a three series for new African test nations, sponsored by Rugby Africa under the Africa Cup banner.

Published by John Birch, October 17th, 2021

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Tunisia win 3-nation Rugby Africa series

Tunisia were far too strong and experienced for their Ivorian opponents in the final test of the three game series played over the past week in Tunis.

Tunisia have been one of Africa’s leading sevens nations for some years, and successfully transferred much of that experience into their first official fifteens games. Faced with a much less experienced Ivorian team – moreover one with only 18 fit players after their first game against Senegal – Tunisia were rarely under any significant pressure.

The larger Ivorians might have had an advantage with their forwards, but injuries resulted in uncontested scrums which Tunisia were able to use as a stable base for their attacks.

Almost all of the game took place at the Ivorian end, with a combination of lack of Tunisian 15s experience and some desperate and brave Ivorian defence keeping the score down. The first try came after seven minutes, and more tries followed at regular intervals – after 16, 26, 35 and 40 minutes, with a penalty after 32. Only one was converted, however, as in almost all cases the Ivorian defence held firm in the centre forcing Tunisia to score out wide.

At half-time Tunisia lead by 30-0.

The second half was a repeat of the first, with wave after wave of Tunisian attacks bearing down on the Ivorian line, resulting in another five tries and a final score of 61-0.

Tunisia:1 Abire Temimi 2 Halima Charrada 3 Falfoul Sandaise 4 Hajer Saoudi 5 Beya Ajroud 6 Emna Zarai 7 Nour Jalali 8 Amal Dardouri 9 Meriem Mekni 10 Amehi Ben Salem 11 Rihab Hamouda 12 Sameh Lahwel 13 Lamia Mlawah 14 Ranim Madouri 15 Emna Ben Arous16 Abire Dhaheri 17 Ranim Brahim 18 Habiba Lafi 19 Sana Chaarana 20 Yasmine Korbi 21 Ahed Ragoubi 22 Zahra Hadeji 23 Rawia Othmani

Cote d’Ivorie:1 Amenan Pollo Yao 2 Serena Mohiquet 3 Andrea Kouassi 4 Foungnegue Fanta 5 Hadja Diallo 6 Nonfie Roseilne 7 Anitonielle Gbueli 8 Wassagbe Doumbia 9 Nambalo Cisse 10 Koumla Safiato 11 Rokya Cisse 12 Kpan Anais Gouem 13 Kohate Safiaterteou 14 Hadja Djakis 15 Fereta Aicha16 Aicha Hei 17 Aicha Berte 18 Alimata Conde