USA U23 shade Colombia in Americas Trophy

The Americas Rugby Trophy Women had its second round on Wednesday at Estádio Nogueirão, in Mogi das Cruzes, with USA U23s beating Colombia 27-24

Published by John Birch, June 7th, 2023

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USA U23 shade Colombia in Americas Trophy

Report: Brazil RFU

After USA tied with Brazil in the first round by 15-15 the result of next Sunday's game between Brazil and Colombia will decide of tournament.

The Colombians cored with the first try with Leidy García, after t 9', but the Americans responded with two tries using the strength of their forwards, with hooker Sagapolu and second row Tupou. Just before the break, the “Tucanas” scored their second try through scrum-half Yamileth Ramírez so at the break to USA lead 14-12.

The second half started with an third try by the USA with Vulaono. The quick score knocked the Colombians who then conceded two penalties to Bitter to expand the US advantage. The Tucanas recovered and added their third try through captain Leidy Soto and theb fourth with Laura Gutierrez, but missed the conversions, allowing the USA to take the game 27-24.

In the overall competition Americas Rugby Trophy, the USA has 6 tournament points and +3 points balance, while Brazil and Colombia both have 2 points each, with Brazil having a point difference oof 0 and Colombia -3.

So, Brazil needs at least a victory by 4 or more points to be champion, while Colombia will need to win by 7 points ahead. Victory with 4 or more tries will serve both Brazilians and Colombians. For the Americans, the title will come if both, Brazilian and Colombian, fail in these objectives.

Colombia 24-27 United States U23 ??, Mogi das Cruzes – Estádio Nogueirão

Referee: ??Lucas Solda | Assistants: ??Érika Weiss and ??Ana Cecília Kruschewsky


Tries: Garcia, Y Ramirez, L Soto and Gutierrez

Conversions: Tapias (1) and Mejía (1)

15 Valentina Tapias 14 Leidy García, 13 Leidy Soto (c), 12 Luisa Fernanda Zurique, 11 Yuriza Martínez, 10 Laura Mejía, 9 Yamileth Ramírez, 8 Maribel Mestra, 7 Laura Valentina Álvarez, 6 Valeria Muñoz, 5 Paola Valentina Delgado, 4 Annagith Vargas, 3 Camila Cardona, 2 Natalia Barajas, 1 Gina Tatiana Delgado;

Alternates : 16 Silvia Juliana Olave, 17 Maria Antonia Cortés, 18 Carolina Naranjo, 19 Laura Gutierrez, 20 Stefanía Sarmiento, 22 Sofía Granados, 23 Juliana Soto;


Tries: Sagapolu, Tupou and Vulaono

Conversions: Bitter (3)

Penalties: Bitter (2)

15 Alexandra Wantlin, 14 Sereana Vulaono, 13 Emily Henrich, 12 Tiahna Padilla, 11 Susan Adegoke, 10 Kristin Bitter, 9 Taina Tukuafu, 8 Kapoina Bailey, 7 Tessa Hann, 6 Freda Tafuna, 5 Emerson Allen, 4 Mona Lisa Tupou, 3 Keia Mae Sagapolu (c), 2 Queenette Toomalatai, 1 Alivia Leatherman;

Alternates: 16 Lauren Ferridge, 17 Reece Woods, 18 Olivia Woods, 19 Samantha Brackett, 20 Anna Van Dyk, 21 Sadie Schier, 22 Alyssa Cunningham, 23 Autumn LoCicero;