Italy win final WXV2 spot

Italy will play in WXV2 and Spain in WXV3 after their playoff yesterday.

Published by John Birch, July 23rd, 2023

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Italy win final WXV2 spot

Italy comfortably beat Spain at the "Beltrametti" stadium in Piacenza and qualified for WXVs, scheduled in South Africa in the autumn. Coach Raineri's team did not concede any points to the Spanish, scoring four tries along the way.

Italy were on the attack from the staart, with a penalty scored after just two minutes of play by Michela Sillari. After that shock, Spain fought back thanks to good play and some mistakes by the Azzurre, but Perez's penalty attempt to place in the 22nd minute hit the post. In the 25th minute the game turned around with a yellow card shown to the Spanish player Capell for a high tackle on Muzzo, with the Azzurri taking advantage of it in the 34th minute with Captain Giordano diving in goal after a nice break from Gai. The Azzurre extended their lead and at the end of the first half they scored the second try with Alyssa d'Incà after a great team move. Italy lead at halftime 13-0.

The second half began with Spain trying to fight back, but Pena didn't find the posts with a penalty. After much Spanish pressure, when the Azzurre's defence seems to be collapsing, Beatrice Rigoni saved everything with an interception, turned the game arond. A few minutes later the Azzurre added another score through Vecchini from the maul. Now with a comfortable advantage, the Azzurre returned to expressing their attacking game, leading to Granzotto scoring in the 71st minute. Spain's attempts at pride in the final failed, with the Azzurre defending themselves perfectly and keeping the opponents' scorecard spotless.

Piacenza, Walter Beltrametti Stadium - Saturday 22 July 2023 - 7.30 pm

WXV - Qualifications

Italy:  Ostuni Minuzzi; Muzzo(st. 72' Capomaggi), Sillari(st. 67' Granzotto), Rigoni, D'Incà; Stevanin(st. 62' Madia), Stefan, Giordano (Cap), Locatelli(st. 74' Gurioli), Tounesi(st. 74' Pilani); Duke, Fedrighi (st. 72' Ranuccini); Gai(st. 67' Cassaghi), Vecchini, Turani(st. 67' Maris) available:  Maris, Cassaghi, Pilani, Gurioli, Ranuccini, Granzotto, Madia, Capomaggi all. Raineri

Spain:  Peña(st. 60' Carmona); Pérez (st 41' Bueno-Inchausti) , Vinuesa, Pozo, Piquera; Perez, Diaz (st. 67' Castro); Castellucci, Capell, Calvo; Martinez, Puig (st. 54' Garcia); Delgado(st. 60' Bracic), Blanco (Cap) (st. 60' Roman), Del Castillo(st. 60' Antolinez) available:  Roman, Antolinez, Bracic, Garcia C, Garcia N, Castro, Bueso-Inchausti, Carmona