France 100% at U18 6 Nations Festival

The final day of the U18 Six Nations Festival at Colwyn Bay

Published by John Birch, April 6th, 2024

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France 100% at U18 6 Nations Festival

ENGLAND 21-46 FRANCE (70 minute game)

France opened the scoring after 4 minutes on their first visit inside England, second row Zarasoa Macquart driving over to score. But England responding well, with a long period of pressure leading to a try from Evie Haskell after 13m. With the conversion England led 7-5.

But it was a lead that lasted less than a minute. From an England scrum on halfway, following a French restart error, the ball popped up to Perrine Fagnen - one of the players of the tournament - who also scored under the posts. The kick was converted but failed to count as the ball was held on the tee by a water carrier, not a player. Nonetheless France led again 10-5.

In the 22nd minute Fagnen set up another challenger for any "player of the tournament" title - Aelig Tregouet - for a third try, stepping her way through the England defence.

The tries were coming thick and after a French error inside their 22 Haineala Lutui was in a position to barge over the line. France now led 15-14 after 25 minutes.

But a fourth French try followed on almost immediately from Anais Peralez, and then from the restart a fifth from Fagnen. France now led 25-14 after 29m.

The second half had a calmer start, with England carefully building a platform - until Faustine Piscicelli intercepted an English pass and raced away to score. France now led 32-14 after 43 minutes.

With the wind now behind them France were starting to dominate and after 37m Piscicelli put in Tregouet for a seventh try. 39-14.

In the 49th minute Fagnen was only just prevented from scoring a hat-trick try by a great last-ditch tackle from Hayley Jones.

A eighth try did follow in the 56th minute, Mariama Tandiang brilliantly illuding the English line, stepping and sprinting away from halfway to score. 46-14.

However in the 61st minute, Hayley Jones turned her defensive heroics into attack, using driving through the French line after a series of English pick and goes. 46-21 to France which was the final score.


ENGLAND : Kaya Acton, Ashton Adcock, Jasmine Adonri, Daisy Aspinall, Iley Bailey, Grace Banks, Tamsin Baynes, Gabriella Brown, Molly Bunker, Bethan Candlin, Jessica Doyle, Natalee Evans, Zara Green, Evie Haskell, Becca Jackson, Aisha Jah, Hayley Jones, Emily Lunn, Haineala Lutui, Sarah Parry, Heidi Pashaei Tarighoun, Abigail Pritchard, Lucy Simpson, Solana Shaw de Leon, Isabel van der Straaten, Joanne Vosakiwaiwai, Ellie Wilson, Ruby Winstanley

FRANCE : Eva Mazzochi, Léa Guiton, Kiara Vili, Marine Kazmierczak-Douet, Zarasoa Macquart, Anais Peralez, Lena Lamour, Lise Geneste, Perrine Fagnen, Charlie Gauyat, Kalea Berroyer, Aelig Tregouet, Faustine Piscicelli, Margot Sibien, Emy Baudru, Many Barone, Elina Folituu, Mankla Dosso, Anna Daniel, Cassandra Leteur, Eva Tougne, Iness Zeze, Maiana Gony, Cherrazade Saiki, Jade Gamon, Mariama Tandiang, Maud Barcelot

WALES 41-17 ITALY (70 minute game)

Chiara Colella scored the first try of the game for Italy after long period of pressure, and Italy led by 7-0 after 10 minutes. But Wales reponded immediately, and from their first visit to the Italian 22 scored through Branwen Metcalfe to tie the scores.

Welsh pressure continued, and after their forwards had drawn in the Italian defenders, the ball was swung wide to Saran Jones who scored in the corner, and Wales led 12-7 after 18 minutes. Wales were now firmly on top, with Italy having no answer to their maul as they extended the lead to 17-7 after 22m.

Italy briefly fought back when Carola Fogarin broke the Welsh line and set up Vittoria Francolini to score. The score closed to 17-12 to Wales after 24m, but soon Wales were back in the Italian 22. Isla McMullen almost crossed the line, her momentum leaving her an inch short. Even so the half ended at the Welsh end, with no addition to the score.

Welsh pressure - aided by a second Italian yellow card - got the scoreboard moving after 43m, with Evie Hil bring driven over - and a great kick from Hanna Marshall, using the wind, put Wales 24-12 ahead. Moments later Hannah Lane sprinted down the wing making it 29-12, before adding her second and Wales' sixth after 55m. With Marshall using the wind Wales now led 36-12.

Italy did pull one back shortly after through Chiara Cheli. 36-17, but after 61m a great interception by Saran Jones gave Wales try number eight. 41-17.

Italy remained dangerous however, and in the 67th minute stole a lineout near the Welsh line, setting up a try for Alice Antonazzo, making the score 41-22 at the end.


WALES : Jorja Aiono, Angel Band, Lola Bogerd-Mitchell, Robyn Davies, Milly Geering, Evie Hill, Crystal James, Elan Jones, Tia Jones, Branwen Metcalfe, Alaw Pyrs, Tilly Vucaj, Begw Ffransis Roberts, Evie Gill, Stella Orrin, Shannelle Williams, Ffion Davies, Rhiannon Griffin,Katie Johnson, Saran Jones, Hannah Lane, Seren Lockwood, Isla McMullen, Hanna Tudor, Hanna Marshall Marnie-Rae George, Nia Fajeyisan, Lily Hawkins

ITALY : Sara Maria Affinito Giulia, Mary Akosa, Alice Angelucci, Alice Antonazzo, Alia Antonietta Bitonci, Alessia Cagnotto, Beatrice Candela, Valentina Carciani, Elisa Cecati, Chiara Cheli, Chiara Colella, Martina Compare, Rita Da Lio, Carola Fogarin, Laura Lina Foscato, Vittoria Francolini, Angelica Gazzi, Elena Gorgetti, Kristin Camilla Kone, Ester Lepri, Asia Liccardo, Antonella Maione, Anita Pietrobon, Emma Rappo, Ania Rosini, Cecilia Stafoggia, Giulia Turatto, Vittoria Zeni

IRELAND 48-7 SCOTLAND (70 minute game)

Ireland took the initiative from the start and were held up over the try line within the first two minutes, and within five minutes Scotland were down to 14 having already given away so many penalties. A charge down just went dead, the Scots scrum was going backwards, another ball was held up - yet it took 16 minutes before Sophie Cullen finally got the first score.

A second try soon followed, Bronagh Boggan powering over by the posts after 22m (12-0) but they had to wait until halftime before Caitriona Finn, scored a third, converting her own try.

It took until the 42nd minute before Emma Jane Wilson was finally driven through the tiring Scots defence for a fourth try. A huge overlap then allowed Emily Foley to score in the 47th minute. 29-0.

Abby Healy came on in the 50th minute, and scored a minute later, weaving her way through the Scots defence. 36-0.

Scotland at last managed to get into the Irish 22, and came away with a score from Scarlet Down. 36-7, but soon after Abby Healy was dodging around the end of Scots like for try number seven in the 63rd minute. 41-7.

Mia Hennelly finally ended the scoring from the final play, Ireland winning 48-7.


IRELAND : Abby Healy, Ailish Quinn, Alma Atagamen, Aoibheann McGrath, Aoife Corcoran, Ava O’Malley, Bronagh Boggan, Caitriona Finn, Cara McLean, Carla Cloney, Clara Dunne, Emily Foley, Emma Brogan, Emma Jane Wilson, Erin McConalogue, Grainne Moran, Jemima Adams Verling, Kate Noons, Leah Irwin, Mia Hennelly, Rebecca Brennan, Sadhbh Wells, Sarah Purcell, Siofra Hession, Sophie Cullen, Sophie McAllister

SCOTLAND : Aisla Merryweather, Daisy Morrison, Ella Rae, Ella Williams, Ellie Moffat, Emily Coubrough, Emily Love, Emily Norval, Faye Sutherland, Gemma Thomson, Georgie Baxter, Hannah Smyth, Hollie Howland, Holly Wilson, Imogen Spence, Isla Pomroy, Josie Foubister, Lisa Brown, Louise Taperell, Megan Riach, Mia Ryrie, Niamh MacGregor, Poppy Mellanby, Rianna Darroch, Scarlet Down, Sophie Price, Talei Tawake, Tamzin Rosie

Results summary:

France: 5 wins

England: 3 wins, 1 draw

Ireland: 3 wins

Wales: 2 wins

Italy: 1 win, 1 draw

Scotland: 0 wins.