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Swiss experience tells over Czechs

Venue: Tatra Smichov Stadium, Prague
Referee: Matěj Rázga

The greater Swiss experience of playing the 15s game was the difference in their first test against the Czech Republic on Saturday, taking home the Konektor Cup - arguably rugby's biggest trophy! Martin Charvát reports.

The 999th test match in the women’s rugby history was held on the 29th of June in Prague, Czech Republic. The Czechs welcomed the more experienced Swiss team. But it was not so easy for the Swiss. The Czechs showed their attitude and fought to the last minutes. 

From the beginning it looked like it would go the way everybody expected. The Swiss attacked and the Czechs defended. They defended carefully and precisely but with the continuous attacking from the Swiss side it was just matter of time before they would breakthrough. 

In the 15th minute Carolin Reischauer touched down, Isabella Bauer adding the two points. 

0 : 7 

The Czechs woke up and started attack as well. They matched the Swiss forwards in rucks and showed some good combinations of backs and the third row. But at the last minute of the half time the Swiss hit again. Isabella Bauer on the wing scored and the half time was 0 : 12. 

The Czechs got their self-confidence and continued in their good combination game. But the Swiss were the ones taking the points. Camille Chamondon, no. 20, which went to the pitch after the half time, went through the Czech defence twice in the five minutes and scored. 

0 : 22 

It looked like clear affair for the Swiss. But Czechs didn’t agree. In 55th minute one of their good combinations went to the end finally. After few phases of the forwards the ball went wide to the backs and they showed their craft. They sent the ball to the wing and back with  fast passes and the centre Pája Čuprová was the one who finally scored at the corner. Šárka Šimánková the conversion but the home crowd was pleased anyway. 

5 : 22 

The Czechs slowly started to top the Swiss, but Camille Chamondon had different opinion. She zigzaged Czech defence again and scored for the third time. 

5 : 27 

In the last ten minutes the Czechs took the direction of the game to their hands and fly-half Bára Bendová scored to 10 : 27 and Pája Čuprová added one more try to 15 : 27 in the last minute. 

The Swiss were out of steam but their lead was comfortable enough. They won the Konektor Cup for the first time and the next match for the trophy will be next year. 

The Swiss player of the match was Camille Chamondon, the Czech one Pája Čuprová. 

The scorers:

For the Czech Republic

Try: Pája Čuprová 2, Bára Bendová 

for Switzerland: 

Try: Carolin Reischauer, Camille Chamondon 3 Conversion: Isabella Bauer 

Referee: Matěj Rázga 

Assistant referees: Antonín Novák, Šárka Kubová

Winning Swiss team with the Konektor Cup - rugby's tallest trophy?